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  1. I'm having the same issue on my 64 GA-5T. I can hear the frequency oscillation in the amplifier hum, but it doesn't come through on the actual guitar.
  2. Man, nobody has answered you since March. I guess this forum is pretty dead when it comes to amp discussions. My guess is one of those black capacitors has gone bad.
  3. Hello everyone. I just picked up a GA 5T. When I turn on the Tremolo, I can hear oscillations in the amp hum, and they speed up and slow down with the rotation of the Frequency knob. However, it doesn't actually do anything to the sound of the guitar. I pulled the back panel to take a quick look, and from what I can tell everything is original. I probably need to change the filter capacitor to reduce the hum a little, but any ideas how to troubleshoot the tremolo and why it would seem to cycle the background hum but not reach the guitar signal? Thanks in advance.
  4. No fancy pickin', but here's the latest incarnation of my band out on a Thursday night.
  5. My wife and I put this song together to enter the Tiny Desk Concert Contest on NPR. The audio is a mix of the digital recording made on board the Fender Passport Venue PA and the audio from the Sony NEX-6 camera.
  6. Well, after indecisively dragging my feet for months, my wife bought me an LR Baggs Element for Christmas. I'd gotten so fed up with the Dean Markley pick-up that I'd gone back to playing my Takamine at the bar, so it will be nice to finally hear the bird sing as she was intended this week.
  7. I'm from Houston, but I've never actually been to Fullers. Personally I'd recommend Taste of Texas on I-10 for a great steak, and I prefer Lupe Tortillas over Pappasitos for TexMex.
  8. Played the first open mic with the Hummingbird last night. The Dean Markley Humbucker didn't sound bad at all when pushing it through the bar's PA, but being a passive pickup, they had to turn me up much further than my lead guitarist's active Washburn acoustic. However, I'm not a fan of having that cable hanging down right at my feet. I saw that someone with a similar pickup had their cable taped up to the end of the guitar, but I don't think I want to stick tape on my finish. My wife and I ordered the Fender Passport Venue PA System, so we can play some local coffee shops and restaurants
  9. Ok, I'm attempting to find sound samples of the K&K Pure Mini, The Trance Mono and the LR Baggs M1A. I'll be playing through a PA system.
  10. From what I understand, the Dove has a bit louder, brighter tone. Maybe you should look at the Dove instead of the Hummingbird?
  11. I put the strap button in position number 5, or Hillman as E-Minor7 likes to call it. It went ok. Playing tomorrow night's open mic with the mediocre Dean Markley humbucker while I continue to investigate other pickup options. Looking at the LR Baggs instructions, I don't think I want to attempt to drill a bridge pinhole. I'll probably take it to a tech for the pickup install.
  12. I'm going to have to drill one. My strap slides around too much when it's tied to the neck.
  13. How do you decide which one is which? All strap buttons look the most like David Crosby to me.
  14. Nothing is drilled yet. It just has the little plastic strap button right now.
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