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  1. I have been playing guitar for years. I feel foolish needing to ask this question. I have a 2001 SG Special. I unstrung the guitar and noticed that the bridge intonation screws were facing the neck and not the butt of the guitar which is the normal position of a fixed bridge. I looked closely at the bridge and saw that if I put the bridge back on the correct way (Screws facing butt of guitar), the thicker slots would be on the high e side and very thin slots on the low e side. I had never removed the bridge before having replaced one string at a time so the guitar came from the factory this way. I've seen SG copies with the screws facing the headstock, but never a Gibson. Do I replace the bridge the way it should be risking the low E slipping out of the slot or do I replace the bridge as it came from the factory? Has anyone ever seen a Gibson SG with the bridge on backwards? HELP NEEDED???
  2. I have a Gibson SG Special. White with gold hardware. I always keep the guitar in the case when not using it. I pulled it out to play and couldn't believe it. The finish looked like the guitar was kept in a smoke filled bar for five years. No one smokes in my house. In addition to the discoloration, there are small areas that are actually dark brown. The stains are under the laquer finish and cannot be removed. Around the tuning keys, the nicotine like discoloration surrounds the hardware. I've owned several Gibsons and never seen such horrid finish change. The guitar was white and now looks cream with dark spots in numerous areas. Has anyone ever experienced a change in the guitar's finish? Thanks
  3. I know you posted this some time ago, but I own a Chet Atkins SST and wondered what kind of strings to use; electric or acoustic. It seems that no one actually answered your question. I contacted Gibson and asked what make and guage strings were on it when it shipped from the factory. This was their response: This came strung from the factory with Gibson Masterbuilt .010-.047 gauge acoustic strings. I've used both electric and acoustic and I prefer electric. It's a matter of taste. Hope this helps.
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