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  1. Shure SRH440's are great! Been using them for years. And they won't break the bank.
  2. I just picked up the Lester K. Very cool! I've also used UniVibe and Roto Vibe pedals, but I like the Lester K's sound. Sounds great in stereo too!
  3. Today marks 25 years since his passing...God Bless Steve. Thank you
  4. wrains72

    ES 339

  5. Thinking about buying an Explorer...

  6. I own several Gibsons as well as Guitars from other Manufacturers, some made outside of the US. I love them all. The truth is, in the 25+ years I have played guitar, I've owned several guitars, some I liked, some not so much. Its a matter of matching the guitar to the player. I have also noticed an increase in the Gibson hate in recent months. Mostly as a result of the 2015 price increases. In fact, one of the most shocking slams i heard recently was in a local music store, where a sales person actually recommended a customer buy another brand because Gibsons were simply over priced. Hmmm...Thats upselling for ya...? Yes..you WILL pay a lot more for a Gibson. My opinion is simple: You DO get what you pay for. The wood, the hand craftsmanship, and accuracy, the feel...i could go on. Some things are just worth saving for.
  7. A couple of weeks ago I went for a tour of the Memphis Factory...very cool. Very Worth while seeing for any guitar fan. Has anyone taken tours of the Bozeman or Nashville factory's?
  8. Just picked this up last week.
  9. Thats a beauty! Nice find Duane! Enjoy...
  10. Congrats! Thats a beauty. I bought my J15 a few months ago and I haven't been able to put it down. I'm more partial to playing electric, but the J15 is such a pleasure to play, and sounds so amazing, I look forward to playing it everyday.
  11. I always preferred the traditional models. They are a little heavier then the Standards (no weight Relief) but sound great and have plenty of sustain. You can find some great values in the used market. Check out reverb.com, I just found an amazing Traditional Goldtop for on there for $1500
  12. Just bought this beauty! [/url][/img]
  13. Really nice! I love that finish!
  14. I have both, and prefer the Traditional's tone over the Standard.
  15. I love the 2009 Traditionals!
  16. I have always found the Firebirds interesting, and well...a bit odd. I was was really excited to buy one earlier this year, and although I found it very different to play, still very satisfying none the less.
  17. The hot rod is cool! Love the look. 7 string? No thanks....
  18. Hope you guys are able to get to work eventually...this must have been a lot of work! I can relate. Had a drummer years ago who was a bit flakey. We'd get set up and ready to rock...then we'd get...the phone call...lol
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