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  1. Just wanted to share my concerns with the hardware tarnishing on my new Epi ES-175 Premium - it already started on the bridge and tailpiece, despite wiping it down each time with a microfiber cloth. Finally got up the nerve to try some Simichrome that a fellow student and friend gave me - worked like a charm!
  2. The ES-175 Premium is a limited edition made in Korea. Great guitar with Gibson Classic '57 humbuckers. :)
  3. Ah - An Elitist Broadway! Wanted one or possibly a Byrdland for the longest time, only to find them out of production (or at least not available). Not sure why they took them off the market (possibly cutting into Gibson models market share?) You've got a beauty that I think will only increase in value - I'd hold on to that! (I thought the ES-175 Premium might have been a move by Gibson to upgrade the model but perhaps not to the extent they did with the Elitist.) Dale
  4. Thanks, Sleeko! Sorry to hear about your case taking the gold plating off (and here I've been keeping mine in the case in an effort to protect it)! By the way, that's a nice Epi in your photo! (I prefer the "beanstalk" headstock.)
  5. Yep - just really looking for something to protect the metal from tarnishing.
  6. Thanks, Joe! I've heard good things about Dr. Duck's Axe Wax - I'll need to order a bottle. I've been using Dunlop 65 on my acoustic Martin with good results, but hesitant to use on the plating (not sure if it will harm it). Best, Dale
  7. Thanks for the tip, Crust! Bummer to hear about not being able to preserve the plating, but I'll pick up a bottle of the Gibson polish and some cloths tomorrow. You really should check out the guitar, though - with a lacquer finish and the Gibson pickups, I'm surprised I'm not reading more about it. Best, Dale
  8. Well, the tags came off last night - had my instructor try it out and she played a bebop version of "Take the A Train" that would have made Joe Pass proud. The sound was just incredible! (If I had any sense, I would have recorded it.) In any event, she agreed this baby's a keeper. Now, back to work on my arpeggios and scales... By the way, if anyone has some recommendations for keeping the electronics from tarnishing, I welcome your input. (I do wipe it down after each use with a micro-fiber cloth. Also read the thread on this, but didn't see a consensus.) I've heard of using nail pol
  9. Thanks, Thomse and Jeff! Yep, it's made in Korea. They did a nice job and setup, too. Frets are nicely done, neck feels great, and the electronics all work fine. (I did find the input jack a little loose, but that was a quick fix.) Just started a beginning jazz guitar class and plan to have my instructor give it a try tonight. She's really quite good, so I'll be interested in her feedback. Dale
  10. Sorry - here's some quick pics.
  11. Hello Everyone, New member here with my recent purchase of a Epi ES-175 Premium. I opted for the natural, and am really enjoying it. I particularly like the lacquer finish (satin, not glossy) and Gibson hardware. Plays and sounds terrific (not that great unplugged but once amped, the '57 Classics give it a wonderful jazzbox tone). Dale
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