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  1. Just an update: I took the guitar to a repair shop (Strung Out Guitars in Glasgow) and on first inspection it does indeed look like the lacquer shrinking. I've left it with them to do a further inspection and set-up if required.
  2. I've managed to take a picture under a lamp which shows where the indent is.
  3. Nothing shows up in a photo it's more by running a finger along the sound board that I can feel the slight indent. The shrinking lacquer is something I'd not heard about before but that could be the problem. Anyway, when I get a chance I'll take it to a repair shop to look at and let you know the result. Thanks for all your input.
  4. It's running along the center seam from the bridge with the grain. My other guitars are fine (Taylor,Yamaha) are all in the same room and not in their cases. I live in Scotland so humidity is not really a problem
  5. I need a bit of advice about a 12 year old J150 that is always kept in its case when not being played. If I run my finger along the center of the soundboard behind the bridge I can feel a slight line indent where I'm assuming the soundboard joint is. Is it time to take it to the repair shop? Everything is else is ok with the guitar it never seems to go out of tune.
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