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  1. What is the best cleaner for the fretboard on a Les Paul? What do you suggest for cleaning the body of the guitar?
  2. I did get the numbers off the inspection sheet and yes, they were hard to read. I think a post below has the guitar figured out though. Thanks
  3. Thank you..... That is it!!! That is the Les Paul I purchased, although the color is much more defined than the color in the Guitar Center ad. Thank you for your help.
  4. Here is a picture of my brand new 2014 Gibson Les Paul Traditional with Floyd Rose
  5. Is the anyone here who can help me understand what the model numbers signify on my Les Paul. I do know that LPT is Les Paul Traditional. What do the rest of the numbers mean? Thanks LPTP25FD9CF1
  6. Well.... I have had the guitar for one week, played it for at least 20+ hours and the G-Force tuners have presented me with nothing but problems. The last straw was at rehearsal last night and the guitar was out of tune more than it was in tune. I have purchased many, many brand new guitars over the years and never had the problems with tuning as I have had with this one. Taking it back today and trading it in for a 2014 Les Paul Traditional. Something to be said about tuning your own guitars manually
  7. Hello folks. I have purchased my very first Gibson Les Paul. I have been playing for 35 years and absolutely love this guitar. It's a 2015 and it came with the G-Force tuners. They seemed like a very cool thing at first, but I am soon realizing they are more problematic than they are worth. First thing, the guitar does not stay in tune. Even after stretching the strings, in the middle of a song, the guitar is out of tune. The next problem I have encountered is when you turn the G-Force on to tune the guitar, sometimes it takes forever for the Strings to tune. In one instance it took ov
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