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  1. Seeing the "Aw Damn..." Thread prompted me to look this thread up again. It is easy to forget that life is not so easy for some of us just now. Some members are getting better, and it would be good to hear from them. Others continue with their health problems and are not to be forgotten. Peace and strength to those in need.
  2. Lashurst, You are not alone. Depression is a secret illness that stalks our society. Nearly 20% of the population suffer depression at some time in their life. Much of it undiagnosed and the people struggle on in isolation because we are brought up to believe that it is weakness. Thoughts of suicide are considered cowardice, when all one wants is for the torment and pain to stop. I've been there. It is bad, but nothing is that bad. Hang on. Life will get better. Believe me, it does.
  3. If you like the weird and wonderful, See if you can find "Coast to Coast AM" on the radio at midnight. It's kooks and crazies talking about sasquatch, conspiracies,UFO's and ET's.

  4. If you like the weird and wonderful, See if you can find "Coast to Coast AM" on the radio at midnight. It's kooks and crazies talking about sasquatch, conspiracies,UFO's and ET's.

  5. Do you feed brass nuts to a brass monkey? If not, what causes the balls to freeze off a brass monkey?
  6. My toy steam engine has lasted me since I was 7. Bought another one a couple years ago and gave one to each of my sons.
  7. Time for updates. How y'all doing? Bender for Life 4Hayden Milod Capmaster Flyingfrets Kidblast Rct Jdgm Digger SteveFord Marky Forrest canon_mutant
  8. An interesting twist to this is that Fender is now marketing vintage copies that have a "Relic" finish. This includes chipped and scratched paint as well as corroded metal parts. The real news is that they charge more for these damaged goods. Kind of like paying more for a pair of jeans that are already faded and torn... Not my personal choice.
  9. Last time I took a drive through the hobby farms surrounding my city, I saw a man trying to push a sheep through a fence. At least that is what I think he was doing to the poor sheep.
  10. I don't understand the "store them neck down and they cork". Please elaborate, or illuminate, or explain yourself or something.
  11. Truly works of art, The lustre of the clear coated wood gives the stand a certain elegance and class. As opposed to the bling factor of something similar chromed. Unique aristocratic presence. Well done.
  12. I didn't need to sell my first guitar. My son did it for me. But I must say I had given it to him so it was his to sell. It was a fender acoustic that I paid $250 for in 1974. Beautiful spruce top, quater sawn and tight grain. Mahogany back and sides. A similar guitar in today's dollars would probably retail for $1,000. He asked for a cheap guitar for his birthday this year. We had a heart to heart chat about keepsakes and family heirlooms and then I got him a Gibson SJ 200 acoustic. For Christmas he is getting a Gibson L-5 CES because he played in the highschool jazz band. I ordered it two weeks ago from the local Gibson dealer and am anxious for it to arrive. What do they say..."A fool and his money is soon parted."
  13. Rookie question here. How do you access the intonation screws when you have a string under tension in the saddle? Do you adjust the intonation screws by listening to the plucked string? If the string is not in the saddle and not under tension, how do you know when the intonation screws are correctly positioned?
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