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  1. Maybe contact Gibson to see if they would put one on for you?
  2. Yes, the Trinity is a mic added to the Mini and it has an external preamp/blender. You use a stereo cable (TRS) from the guitar to the preamp and then you can use regular cable from the preamp to the amp.
  3. I first tried the Anthem SL in a Recording King 12 fretter. Then I tried a Lyric in my Martin OM. Had the Lyric replaced with the K&K Trinity. That's the one. The Trinity will now be replacing all the pickups in all of my guitars. The difference is night and day. I've tried various factory USTs, Fishman Infinity Matrix UST, Aura Spectrum, and the LR Baggs pickups mentioned before. The K&K is the one. The only one.
  4. Try Tony at Pickguardian. I just sent him mine off my ES339 Pro to have him make a Black/Crème/Black guard.
  5. I've acquired this guitar in the past year and I love it. Just recently taken delivery of a ES339 Pro that's made in China. Absolutely perfect. Also recently received a Recording King ROS-627 that was made in China and again, absolutely perfect. Led me to wonder where my EJ200CE was built.
  6. Sorry, was out of town. The tech tried pushing the shaft back in until it clicked but it didn't work. I did call Epiphone customer service and they are mailing me a new pot at no charge.
  7. Mine is cherry, too. First thing I did was pull the big E off the pickguard because I don't like it. Left no sign that it was ever there. Next thing I did was remove the pickguard just to see which I'd like better. Put the pickguard away in a drawer because as good as it looks with it, it looks so much better without. Never going to scratch the finish on an archtop anyway. Then I tried to replace the silver topped knobs with translucent black speed knobs. Great look but alas I pulled the shaft out of one of the push pull pots so if you do that be careful!
  8. Thanks guys. That helps and I'll try that.
  9. First thing I did upon receiving my guitar was to swap the knobs for black speed knobs. Managed to pull the shaft right out of one of the volume push pull pots. Took it to the shop. Few days later guy calls me and tells me I have to get him a neck volume pot as these have circuit boards attached to them and he can't get them. Put in an email to Epiphone and haven't gotten an answer. Plan on calling them tomorrow but I want to check something with you folks first. Is the neck volume knob closest to the floor? That's the one I thought I pulled out but I'm not sure I'm remembering right. Are the neck and volume pots somehow different so that it would matter which is which, as far as ordering? Also, I didn't take it to an authorized Epiphone guy because I did the damage modding it (replacing the knobs) so I figured I'd have to pay for it anyway since it was my fault and my guy's a lot closer than the authorized guy. I've scoured the internet trying to find an Epiphone 339 Pro pot with a circuit board but have had no luck. Any help there? Will Epiphone let me buy one? Does anyone know of another place I can get one? Thanks.
  10. The pickguard on my ES-339 Pro looks weird. I think the pickguard should be parallel to the strings to look right. Do you agree? On mine, the bottom edge is higher than the top edge and not parallel to the strings. If y'all say it should be parallel, I can definitely fix it easily.
  11. I just ordered the ES-339 Pro in cherry. I'd like to replace the stock knobs with black speed knobs. Anybody know which ones will fit? Thanks!
  12. I was able to drop it off at lunch and I'll pick it up tomorrow but I'm definitely investing in one of those kits. Thanks!
  13. I've got a pretty new EJ200CE and the output jack is really loose. I tried turning it from the outside but I can tell from the resistance that the inner part of the jack is turning, too, and the more I turn, I feel the wires that are attached to the jack tightening up. So I figured the only thing I could do was take the strings off and grab the jack from the inside while I turned the outside. My arm won't go in far enough. Is there a trick I'm missing or do I have to take it to the shop? Is this something they can easily fix, there in the shop? Where I bought it they have no onsite tech. I can take it in Saturday but I need it Sunday. It does still work but I'm afraid to trust it now.
  14. Well, I did play 11's for years and years but moved up to 12's to get away from fret buzz. I like a lower action, which the EJ200 has but with 11's I'd have to raise the action to keep the buzzing down. This is for medium to heavy strumming. I agree, 11's or even 10's would suit me for fingerstyle but I've got another guitar set up for that. No, mediums are 13's amd I definitely don't want those, makes it too hard to make that F chord! They do make a 12-56 gauge.
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