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  1. Hi. There was a 100th anniversary dove as well. Cheers, ilja.
  2. Sry, my mistake.... 2016 version has RW fingerboard and bridge, the 2012ths are made of ebony. I just checked the clip from musiciansfriend of the 2016 version, the sunburst seems really to be a 3-tone sunburst while the burst is mine is a 2-tone which is in my opinion more old school.... This is exactly the guitar that I own: http://www.session.de/music/blog/post/gibson-custom-shop-1930s-sj-200-golden-age-rosewood/
  3. Hi pete. I have the 2012 version, 75 pieces were made.... As I saw pictures and checked the spec sheet I just noticed 2 points that differ from the 2012 version: - 2012 version features mystic rose insted of regular RW - the pickguard coloration on sone "dots" are different. All dots on the 2012 version are white, on the 2016 version some dots are blue. As I can tell the rest seems identical: - adi top - ebony fretboard and bridge - grover imperial tuners - bone saddle, bridge and pins.... Pretty much a hell of a guitar! Is there something else you want to know? Cheers Ilja.
  4. Always loved the sj200. But for a long time it was also the only gibson acoustic that I could imagine to buy, all the other models didnt attracted me at all..... I was really a taylor guy back then(4 years ago), but when I bought a sj200 I discovered more and more the gibson-tone. It didnt took long and I sold my 2 taylors and bought my j45.... I m really happy that the sj200 opened the gibson-door for me, the gibson-tone is something very special and I feel like I arrived "at home" with this sound. Of course nowadays there are a lot gibson acoustics that will keep me GASing in the future.... 😉 Cheers Ilja.
  5. hi! I´m using 12s on my sj200. bronze or PB varies from time to time, also trying different brands.... the one I liked best so far: earnie balls earthwoods! cheers, greetings brom bavaria!
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