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  1. I am the worst guitarist on this forum but even I know that you NEEEEEEED an SG. Once you have one you will realise that you spent the first part of your life half-naked!
  2. Small local shops do have a hard time. A Gibson, any Gibson, is a lot of cash tied up and from what I hear in the UK at least, to become an authorised Gibson stockist requires a very significant initial order. Add to that the fact that a guitar out on display becomes "used" condition pretty quickly and every kid is going to want to try the SG or LP, even if they know they cant afford to buy it. So we are practically limited to buying through large chains or online. Online would be made a lot easier if Gibson paid more attention to QC.Of course if you are in the US, you can always go to Nas
  3. Could be set-up. If your action is very high you could be having to bend the strings a lot further on the frets nearest the bridge.
  4. So lets get this straight. You cant afford a Gibson SG - any Gibson SG but you think that just because you like ACDC, the Angus Young SG should be cheaper than any other Gibson Guitar on the market? If you are a beginner, or an a low budget, Gibson is not the brand for you. It is a PREMIUM brand with PREMIUM pricing. I am sorry if that doesnt fit your world view but Gibson are not a charity and they are unlikely to sell anything that undercuts their own position in the market. If you can afford one, the Epiphone G400 series is an excellent starter SG. Even that is well above your desir
  5. Geff


    Take a look at the Laney Cub series of tube amps. Low wattage but all tube and very reasonable prices. Basically you want a low wattage tube amp and there are a number of options around. Marshall Class 5 is undoubtedly a great Amp but not necessarily the best valueif you are on a budget. I blew all my money on guitars and now my income is lower I am struggling to justify an Amp. Laney will be where my money goes when I pull the trigger.
  6. I have Ernie Ball strap locks fitted to all of my guitars. They seem to work ok and have a relatively flat profile compared to some. I dont gig or put them to hard use however. For my SG I was able to re-use the original Gibson neck screw but the original tail screw didnt fit into the button on the tsrap lock so I used the one that came with the lock which was slightly thinner but also slightly longer.
  7. I make a habit of checking the Gibson and Epi stock at my local shop whenever I am in there. Hadnt been in for a while and this last time they had a few of the SG "faded" models in. Now in the past I have negatively commented on this model for having rough neck/fret work. Seems the most recent batch have much better necks but, as always with gibson they giveth and they taketh away! The finish on the bodies seems to be where there is now an issue. The faded series never were intended to be a perfect finish but there were some seriously rough patches on the end grains of the two I looked at. I h
  8. Im with H Bomb here. A "reissue" should be as close to the original as possible and clearly that is not the case. Gibson could do it so why they chose not to is a mystery. Nothing wrong with different guitars but why label it as a reissue if it isnt accurate? Also, although P.T. did play white SGs, my mental picture of him is always with a red one - that is/was my primary motivation to get a red one myself (well, a bit of Angus imagary in there too). That aside I am not a big fan of white SGs but each to his own, its just my taste there are no wrong answers on that one!
  9. Geff

    Buying Advice

    I personally do not like the SG faded guitars. I have the classic and it is a great guitar. My main beef with the faded range was I could not find one with a "quality" finish to the neck. The difference the bound neck makes is significant. I appreciate everyone has an opinion but mine is that the high end Epis are better than the Gibson faded range. Save for a Classic or a Standard.
  10. keep it in its case is the best advice but, failing that, get cloth covers made up to go over the parts of the stand that touch your guitar.
  11. I am almost certain that it would affect it in some way. And if it does, it will affect the value of your axe. If, however, you dont actually care about re-sale, why worry. Trust me though. Stickers will not make an SG look better, no matter how cool you think they are. Why mess with a classic design.
  12. You do know that people used to say houses would only ever go up. Same for classic cars. Investors in both have had some nasty shocks in my lifetime! No investment is ever certain. If it was, more people would be lining up to buy 100,000 dolar guitars! Investment is a gamble. Only ever buy a guitar with money you can afford not to get back! So if you have 100grand spare change go for it. Otherwise, buy a guitar to play, a house to live in and a car to drive.
  13. Why replace one letter with two. I can see your point about c (just about but the other two are not valid) And even then, there are nuances that require the letters we have. Part of the problem is that we actually do not have all the letters we need in our alphabet. There exist several variations of alphabet in Europe that have additional letters to satisfy unique sounds in certain languages that would otherwise require the use of two (or more) letters to adequately express.
  14. Dont know your Amp - sorry. As for your SG, keep it in its case in a part of the house with minimal temperature and humidity fluctuation. I assume you play it so wipe it down after you do so and do not allow it to come into direct contact with the rubber parts of a guitar stand (the nitro finsih can react to certain types of rubber). Clean the body with a soft dry cloth and, if required, clean the fretboard with a small amount of lemon oil, followed by a fretboard conditioner. Keep it away from water and out of direct sunlight.
  15. Just to re-enforce what others have said, get a G400. The G310 is not an SG. SGs have set necks, not bolt on. The same is true for Les Pauls. (Take a look in-store at the rack with the real Gibsons on it and see if you can find a bolt on neck there!)
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