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  1. I've decided I want the CS356, so the Midtown Custom is out.SO is everything else. Its a longshot I'll find someone who wnats to trade for my LP Signature, so otherwise I'll keep it. Maybe one day I can afford a CS356.
  2. Where the good old 14 pound 70's :Lesters that 'ol Ace Frehley used to sling around for 3 hours during a Kiss show??!
  3. Yeah..Thats exactly what they do on cheaper imports.
  4. Whaddaya know, another Gnu. Tender shoots ,berries and saplings Gnu two.
  5. Just baseing my opinion on a clip I saw a little while ago by a famous player named 'Koch' playing a CS356, I am going to go ahead and try and move my LP Signature, and pick up a CS ,probably CS 336. If you all know anybody looking- please put a bug in their ear, I would trade.
  6. Hah! ( sorry). I believe it. I never thought of that.I might incorporate that into my act? ( he was playing so hard his guitar exploded). In all seriousness, maybe a bunch of that moving air isn't that good for a semi hollow, or another reason to go with the stronger laminate top? Still trying to find somone who has played both solid and laminate this way and compared them, or would. ...Hot Marshall would be my amp of choice.
  7. Hi.Gnu here. I just read through a real interesting thread here about Laminate ply vs. Solid Archtop but it didn't in so many words address a specific concern I have. My background is I currently own just one semi-hollow, which is a *1973 Les Paul Signature. *It is, of course, a laminate ply guitar ( and I may not be real precise with these terms, I apologize). I am currently thinking of selling the 'LP Signature, and getting a solid carved top guitar, mainly cause I cannot afford to probably keep the Signature. So I am thinking of getting a Midtown Custom . I do have one question though that would make all the difference in my decision, and its kind of hard to ask , but here goes nothing; Do you know how when you play a ES335 or a plywood laminate top semi hollow like the 335,under gain with considerable volume and some distortion, you get the air moving and coming out of the F-holes and the guitar kind of feels alive or responsive in your hands?...I hope so. My question is then; Would a plywood top guitar do this more so than a carved solid top? Is body size a factor here maybe too( I know the 335 and y Signature are the big bodied models compared to the smaller size 356(?) and 339 I think , which would be the carved tops if I am not mistaken. Anyway, I love that air moving out of the f-holes! I wouldn't give that up. I hope I'm not out in space here- anyone know what I mean? TIA
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