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  1. Thanks all! It plays AMAZING. I played it just a bit but I know once I put a few hours into it, it will become useless. I'll keep it around for special occasions... when I'm really feeling it for a song... I'm a big believer in using what you've got! Even if in small doses :) It was just laying there on the floor near the stage before the show, I think the guitar tech dropped it. I saw Cheap Trick in a tent in 1992, I think... in Lime Lake, NY of all places. Rick Neilsen threw out a handful of picks and I snagged one. Still in playing condition!
  2. Oops! Thanks - edited the photo in. Note, the RR pick did not come with the guitar, picked it up off the ground at one of his shows this summer
  3. Well it was yesterday but my account just got approved :-)... I also posted it on another forum but this is the right place. Pic attached - #357/500. My wife prodded me to get my dream guitar for our 20th anniversary... this was it, not too much debate!
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