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  1. Hello I have J-45, and I want to keep some spare parts for it. eg Bridge pins and saddle. I cannot locate a retailer in the UK, I've done all the usual Google searches. I'm not interested in third party spares,I want official Gibson spares....can anyone help ? Thanks !
  2. Well done, really nice, I got a j45 myself only recently.
  3. It's whether the shaped side of the bridge points towards the neck or to the back of the body. eg if it points towards the neck then it's 'belly up'
  4. Hi I'm not sure about the action on my J-45 I'd appreciate it if you would give me an indicator...... What the height in millimetre's on your J-45, from the top of the 12th fret wire to the bottom of the low 'E' string ? Many Thanks !!
  5. Hi Before getting my Gibson J-45, I had a Martin which had the 'belly down bridge style. So to me the Gibson 'belly up'bridge looks upside down to my eye. Most other acoustics bridges are also 'belly down' Does anyone know the history behind this ? Thanks !
  6. Coldplay Overrated and boring, sorry I can't select the other 4 Cos I don't feel that 'anti' against other bands.
  7. Hi, I proudly own a J-45 standard. But I keep looking at Hummingbirds. May I have your opinions on the key difference between the two, advantages and disadvantages. I mainly play rock/ blues style, both strumming and single note stuff. Thanks !
  8. Hello I have a Gibson j-45 standard. It is set up with a set of 12's If I put on a set of 10's to see the difference in tone and feel would this effect the intonation ? Thus requiring the guitar to be re-set up ? Thanks !!
  9. whoops, I got that wrong. not Brite Wires at all.. Gibson Masterbuilt 12's as supplied with as from new.
  10. Hi I have always changed stings on my electric guitar one by one, thus keeping the tension up on the neck. I have heard you can remove all 6 strings on an acoustic without any issues concerning damaging the neck. Please may I have your opinions please.
  11. Just being in Cream makes Jack a big part of rock history. I heard a radio interview with him about 6 months ago and seemed a really nice guy too. R.I.P.
  12. Hello I'm fairly new to acoustic guitars, having been playing electric guitars in the past. Please could I have your input relating to which strings you feel are best. I own a Gibson J-45 set up with Gibson Brite Wires 12's I'm thinking of switching to Ernie Ball Acoustic Super Slinky 11's (same brand as I used when playing my electric guitar) Which is the best brand ? which gauge do you prefer ? Are these coated long-life string worth the extra coat ? Thanks !
  13. Yes, the J-45 is a fantastic guitar. Thanks to all the help and advice I have had on this forum. I'll be keeping it for good !! cheers Guys !!
  14. Here's a pic of the ripple effect.. It's difficult to photograph it, as the eye see's it. But you can see the effect in the reflection.
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