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  1. I actually bought my candy apple red les paul standard on the colour. I actually went into buy a bass guitar for my other half she has good taste she liked the epiphone sg bass. The les paul just caught my eye every time we walked past the shop,ended up asking to have a gander at it at and after 5 minutes playing it my mind was made up. It sung in my hands and is my go to guitar for most of my gigging and studio adventures.
  2. My worst dealing with epiphone was when I bought a 2004 flying V. Only the bridge pickup worked. We took it back and they replaced it and a week later same problem. I ended up getting my local shop to rip all the electrics out and replace everything including the pickups. Other than that my 3 les pauls have been fantastic. But how some of these sheratons have got through quality control is beyond me.
  3. When I last spoke to Dawson's in Basingstoke they said that they had only been allocated 28 guitars and they were not sure when these were arriving. Mine arrived Friday with rust on the tailpiece, thankfully they set it up for me ( as the action was to high ) and then polished the rust off as I refuse to pay this much for an imperfect guitar. Just about to go into the studio with it tonight!!
  4. Mine was built in august I've read there's been various quality issues with them, shoddy paint work and the guitar jack coming loose and falling inside the guitar itself are the most common complaints.
  5. Got mine on Friday and had rust in the same place, the guy who runs the shop cleaned it up and set up for me. Can't find any other issues with it though.
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