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  1. There's at least two in the wild :P
  2. I have the Edge, and it's GREAT. only strap I'll use.
  3. Mine are like that on my 2002 bird. they ain't moving from what I remember..but it doesn't affect anything at all.
  4. I asked Gibson about the satin finish on the Sixx-bird...they said use the cream and the cloth in their kit...wasn't sure if that was just a sales grab. I have the kit anyway from before..didn't use it yet.
  5. SixxBird33


    I have an SA450, and the ported 4x10 cab. Add either: 2002 Ebony Thunderbird 2012 Nikki Sixx Thunderbird 2013 NR Thunderbird. And some dirt.
  6. SixxBird33


    I've used MarkBass for 7 years now...great stuff, and nice -n-lite. I get compliments on my tone every gig.
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