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  1. I'm not angry about it,I'm just saying they that are phoney and generally for deluded fools.If your going to hang it on a wall i get it or playing in your bedroom and you want to sit & imagine you did the wear on your fake world tour ,with your fake band-i guess that's ok too.I'm not just going to think of something that is fake(imitation) as real.Aging is done by time,and wear is made by playing for twenty years,not keys a penknife and sandpaper. Could you imagine being asked about your guitar and you say,the aging was done by some dude in a shop! Yes it is fake,the wear and aging
  2. What i mean by what i said,is that they are worthless to me,and my friends think the same.As far as I'm concerned anything that is an "imitation" of the real IS worthless,and i wouldn't but one or respect the person who owns it,because they must be deluded. Yes,people can buy what they like and run keys and sandpaper along guitars as much as they want but they always be an imitation of the real(fake) The funniest thing i can think is someone with a $7000 fake guitar.
  3. I agree with you.Making "imitations of real relics" to me are worthless.I wouldn't even pay $500 for one.Fake guitars are for the deluded and i would be embarrassed when someone asked me,how my guitar got so beat up.."oh,i paid for & it was done at shop with keys and sandpaper" what a joke.Something is either real or not,there is no in-between. And Tom Murphy is a joke for doing it IMO.
  4. I hope it works out for you.I personally would never buy a guitar without playing it.I've played for a long time and played many different Les Pauls and I dont buy into the "good years and bad years" guitar thing.To me,there are only good guitars and bad ones.I have played guitars from the 50's to the modern and have found gems and dud's amongst all of them. As far as necks go,my number 1 guitar is an 07 Les Paul(i own a 72,78,13 too)it has a 60's neck which is perfect for my hands,if you have played guitars with slim necks i would buy a guitar with these.From memory I think the 89's are b
  5. Outside of the US,Gibson are well known for switching up parts. Its quite common for Gibson to send different bodies combinations outside of the US. I bought a 13 standard that should have had modern relief,and it had a solid body but everything else was standard.Gibson are well known for this.
  6. Mate,LP's are not like strats and tele's,you dont need to hammer down the string,if you do ,you will will get # notes.
  7. I second that, the BB pro's are awesome from jazz to metal.
  8. Just make sure,you put the blow somewhere else and not in your guitar case!..... BORDER CONTROL "bloody musicians".
  9. Me too dude,I'm with you and I'm not American.If you want to call me a snob,go for it! Sorry about the triple posts i can play guitar but cant work forums .
  10. Sorry, i dont know who your comment is directed at.But anyhow, i didn't know there was a 2010 Standard plus chambered?I personally love the chambered Les Paul's and so do many others.Is it chambered like the 06-08's? I would be happy to just own 07's. I dont have a problem with the prices, but in saying that,i would never spend over US$2000 on any guitar(I only buy standards) and I'm not rich just a bus driver.In fact the more expensive the guitar is,the less i enjoy playing it because then the item(guitar) becomes more important than my playing,which for me is BS. I personally have n
  11. Just remember friend,the idea is not to press down to touch the wood on the fretboard(it doesn't mean you cant if desired),you only give as much pressure to get desired note.i did this to when i was a beginner.I find this is more noticeable on Les pauls. This is the idea behind taller frets like medium jumbos etc. This the best thing for you at this point is to play and play. Playing classical and other styles is a different story.
  12. I have an 72,78 07 and a 13 and my 07 is the one i love the most.Its the only one i would never sell. Warm,brutal,resonant,LOUD,sweet and cuts like a mofo! and feels perrrrfect!. I can put on most late 60 ,70's LP's with that classic LP sound and pull it off no prob.
  13. Actually, yes that would be true,they would be "modern relief" being made in 2012 although its an 08 spec. If you watch the Gibson factory tour,he talks about 08 models being made in 12.But the original early 08's where chambered, Les Pauls were only "chambered" between 06-08(other than custom shop),then "modern relief". this is just my opinion.
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