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  1. After ordering this guitar in August, I have occasionally been checking here and online dealers for signs the wait might be ending. I got a call from sweetwater rep about 2 weeks ago that they had started shipping to customers that had placed orders as far back as January - but mine is yet to come. Other dealers say they have it in stock, but I had worked out a discount on the guitar plus amp and a few accessories. I have not bought a serious instrument online and also liked the fact that sweetwater at least looks at the instrument before shipping, and they are not far from home here in Indiana. I am glad I checked here today. Musicians friend has extended their 15% discount beyond Veteran's day, and will give it for the Sheraton if you call and speak to a human. That's more than the discount I had previously negotiated. Got 15% off everything.

    I placed the order. A little nervous that they just forward the package without looking at it, like a music store would. But like someone else said the real test is inspecting it oneself.

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