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  1. Dude, it says 'Historic' on the case ;). I think you're in luck!!
  2. Don't remember because I was on Southern Comfort in a band during the '80s
  3. +1 Maybe the James Hetfield EMGs are prettier. My Jackson "strat" with emg bridge and a Boogie Mark 3 with Graphic EQ (I used a left to right upward slope on the graphic). I could get metal and thrash no problema, but a couple shows my leads were in the same tonal territory as the band (if only I had known how to eq for that medium hall).
  4. A2/A5 mag in a 498 or SH5!Boy that magnet combination sure sounds thick in my Firebird, maybe that sound is better in my Firebird's neck pickup. I think that was a Keef/Jones era sound that I got! One can swap the magnets back if one doesn't like the sound
  5. Had a 1996 'the Paul II'. I think that Gibson advertised them as Firebrands. Once I put an underwound Tom Short paf (7.2 kOhms/ A5)in the bridge, it was my favorite guitar ever! It is a memory now, since I had a headstock break, then gave it to a friend who could afford to fix it. It took care of me, so I repaid the favor. (Only cost $550 with an Epi HSC). Airy sound and'old style' wiring, it brought many a smile to my life! Think it was chambered, since it was so 'resonant' (in the 'colloquial' sense).
  6. My 2012 Gibson USA Firebird V weighs 7lbs. Although its only worth $650 blue book because of the 'maple flame mod' and the finish wear!
  7. More like a strat plus a L6-S had a kid
  8. Good black finish! I am jealous! Am getting a Kluson ABR on mine. It is going to be a custom shop sound, with the bone nut and zhangbucker pickups! Total of $2075 and it is my dream guitar when I get it back! Bridge pickup is fatter with more overtones from the ABR conversion, I was told!!
  9. I use zhangbuckers, but they are vintage-style with less impedance ( 42 ga wire, 6.2 kOhm for the neck and 43 ga wire, 11 kOhm for the bridge ). The stock pickups are 14kOhm neck, and 22kOhms for the bridge. They are way overwound and the ADSR characteristics are different than vintage-style firebird pickups. By the way, Here is another forum to ask questions just about firebirds: http://firebirdplayersforum.freeforums.org
  10. Zhangbuckers are nice and he'll make them to your specs. He'll want to make you the "Mini PAFs", because they can be made hotter than his firebird pickups. He can even wind them without the winding machines for more $$. I have the 11k Firebird A5 bridge pup, and an A2/A5 6.2k neck pickup. Ends up sounding like Deep Purple for the bridge, and That song 'Free Ride' for the neck pickup. The neck is funky, but the bridge has the Marshall voicing, I use more crunch than liquid gain so the Zhangs I have are perfect.
  11. Ernie Ball 11-48, they are a little harder to play on the upper frets, but no other problems. My strat has 11-48 and I love it because I'm NOT delicate with my picking and I'm not breaking strings too often. I'm thinking of 12-50 or 11-50 since it would tighten up the bass strings for my right hand WindMill style. its a 2012 FV
  12. a 1985 Japanese Squier and a 2004 Lite Ash Strat (Korean by Cortek) the humbuckers are DiMarzio Super Distortion S for the squier and a Voodoo '57 humbucker for the Lite Ash
  13. Anybody have detail on the pickups here. These are supposed to be new alnico mini-firebirds
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