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  1. I think Gibson should dump the UST system on their acoustics and focus on the finish set-up. I recently purchased a J50 Original and the UST was removed by the dealer and fitted with a bone saddle immediately. Perhaps if they remove that step from their build process we would have one less item of concern about their build quality.
  2. Congrats that's a beautiful H-bird enjoy!
  3. Congrats on getting one that got away it's a rare opportunity for sure. I hope to get a guitar back some day as well. Enjoy !!
  4. Congratulations Tom on your new 50s J-50 Original! I just joined the J-50 club with my first Gibson as well. I enjoyed your version of Pancho and Lefty well done.
  5. Thanks it sounds as good as it looks. The neck is a chunky C shape that is comfortable and confident. The color tone of the body, top and binding are well executed.
  6. Well, after waiting for a over a month my J-50 arrived. The folks at Music Villa did a great job taking care of my request to remove the pickup and install a new bone saddle with setup. This is my first Gibson and it likely won’t be my last.
  7. I'm waiting on a 50's J-50 Original that should arrive during the next week. This is going to be my first Gibson and looking forward to the experience.
  8. Pat, Thanks for impressions on the 50s J45 Original you had an opportunity demo. I prefer fuller neck profiles good to hear you found it to be agreeable. You're right in regards to the tonal aspects on that guitar vs the next like model they may share similar qualities but each will be unique. Congrats on your new J-45 Standard. The wait continues...
  9. First of many that come over the life of a well loved guitar . Embrace the experience as part of the aging process and enjoy the ride.
  10. Looks like it may be a J45 Deluxe Rosewood ?
  11. The list is price of the original models are consistent with the J45 standard. Gibson has always positioned its self as a premium brand. Fortunately, there are some dealers that offer discounted prices with free shipping without sales tax. The downside is that buying site unseen. In regards to buying used or vintage. I did consider buying a preowned but pricing was higher on the ones I would consider.
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