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  1. That's also my guess. I'll send the device back to the shop..
  2. Hi! I've recently updated the device to the 5.0 firmware. At the beginning I had absolutly no problems. But suddenly my display got some weird horizontal line / LCD strips (check out attachments) Now I try to downgrade this firmware to check if this has sth to do with the software (and exclude any hardware problems). I've searched the forum but couldn't find any instruction how to downgrade the firmware. Any tips would be appreciated. Thx in advance, cnx [update #1] I've managed it to downgrade the firmware (just put the *.update file into the root directory of the USB stick) to 4.0.1. Unfortunately the problem still persists: The annoying line is still there :/ I guess this is indeed a hardware problem. I'm just asking myself how this could happen since I was very carefully to the device.
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