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  1. I have a 2014 Casino Coupe in Natural, and I'm very pleased with the finish, looks better in person than photos. However it might depend on what other guitars you own, I personally like to have a variety of colors but some folks enjoy consistency. Ken
  2. I'll be there in spirit, if not in person since I'm half a world away in California. Also wanted to mention the only upgrade I made was a set of Grover Vintage 133N style tuners, which are split-post (my favorite kind) and drop right in to the existing mounting holes. Ken
  3. Thanks for your post. I am also a Casino Coupe owner and I have sung its praises in other posts on this board. I'm still loving it. It would be great to see some photos of your Casino Coupe in action, hope you can post some pictures from your next gig. Ken
  4. They probably are hard to find in stores (the P90 archtops specifically). I got mine online from sweetwater, that way I could look at photos to pick the one I wanted. It wasn't the cheapest way but I was happy with the purchase... Ken PS a quick glance at Sweetwater indicate NO casinos in stock, but will 'arrive soon'. No coupes or full size in any of the finishes. Presumably this is good news for Epiphone's business outlook.
  5. I own a Chinese Casino Coupe made in 2014. It's superb, plus you must keep in mind this is a $450 (or less) guitar. The only change I made was to drop in vintage style Grovers but the original tuners worked fine. I recommend this model. The Epiphones from China are made specifically for Gibson/Epiphone so the QC is quite good. Ken
  6. To recap, truss rod breakage is a rare thing indeed, but is devastating to the instrument in question. Very sad news when a "perfectly set up" guitar instantly transforms into a pile of auctionable hardware parts. Don't want to sound like a broken record but if you like the 339 body size you might try out the Casino Coupe. It's not really the same sound, but it's light and shimmery, and mine has a perfectly flat neck and plays like a dream. It's also a great value for the price... Ken
  7. Grover Vintage style 133N are drop in replacements, $40 at amazon. If you think you have tuner issues this could be the way to go. I have pictures on another casino thread (they don't change the look). I have a coupe but the tuners are the same on Chinese casinos. Let us know how it goes. Ken
  8. The Casino Coupe would be a great choice for your daughter, and anybody else for that matter because it's an amazing instrument that in my opinion is an instant classic. However it's not really a "kid sized" or "travel sized" guitar, it's even a wee bit bigger than a Les Paul. So if you're really looking for a guitar for somebody with extra small hands, I would go on Amazon and look for a short-scale guitar (they are super inexpensive). If your daughter already has guitar playing experience this advice would not apply. Ken
  9. Er... it "sort" of has a center block that attaches only to the top and is about 1cm thick. Otherwise you couldn't solidly mount the pickups and other components (they'd have to be "floating"). The 5-ply maple top is too thin and fragile on its own. You can stick your pinkie in your f-hole to confirm, if that's what floats yer boat. Ken
  10. Hi Ryder, on your recommendation (in the other thread) I got the Grover Deluxe 133N tuners for my Casino Coupe. I do strongly prefer the vintage-split post style, and they really weren't expensive. Anyway since we're posting pictures of our casino headstocks, here are a couple since the tuner upgrade. Also, sofaplayer, love your upgrades! Takes some conjones to spend more on all those various upgrades than the original guitar purchase price, but now you have a totally unique, customized instrument that I presume you're planning on keeping until the end. Ken
  11. Hi, I have the Epi 339 case for my Casino Coupe, and it certainly is a lovely looking unit that fits the guitar precisely. I consider it an excellent value at the price I paid for it. However the covering is certainly not Tolex, it's just thin vinyl and probably wouldn't survive one hard bump into a concrete curb. The reason I'm happy with this case is that I rarely use it, since the guitar stays hanging up in my living room 99% of the time. When I do take it out I'm pretty careful with it, I don't let other people handle it (the case). Basically my point is, perhaps it's cheap enough tha
  12. Thanks for the interesting post. I just took a look at my side-mounted jack plates, and except for a bit of light scratching there is no sign of any cracking or other damage. That's 3 plastics on the Casino Coupe, the Slash Les Paul and my Gibson LP Studio, and a plated metal one on the Lee Malia. They look like pretty sturdy pieces to me, but like anything that's manufactured there could be internal stress defects that might cause it to crack spontaneously. However my personal guess is that most of the time this is caused by plugging the cable directly into the jack (with no relief) and t
  13. Just to add a data point, I have a Casino Coupe, the tuners are a wee bit stiff but otherwise quite serviceable and I have no plans on ever replacing them. I've changed the strings several times since getting this guitar (which I absolutely love). As with any vintage style (short post) tuner it does take a bit of skill and patience to do just right. No slippage so far. Ken
  14. Hello, I have a Casino Coupe in the Natural finish, $450 street price. If your budget is really 500 and you want a brand new, "A" stock guitar in your choice of three lovely finishes, that's the way to go. I really like mine more and more as time goes on (have had it for 6 months). The P90s really shine when using the right amp settings, and it sounds wonderful unplugged. Anyway if you have a hard $500 limit, it's that or look for something used instead. You can get a new ES-339 for the same price, so the choice is really between hollow or semi-hollow. Ken
  15. I don't have any inside info, I was just going by posted serial numbers by various owners. So far all have been 1408 except in recent weeks I have seen a posted 1412 serial number. You can draw your own conclusion from that. In other related news, SamAsh.com (where I got mine) is now showing "In Stock" on the Lee Malia Sig. People who have these backordered should be seeing them fairly soon I would hope. Ken
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