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  2. Don't know about Les Pauls but I got a new Wildkat a couple of years ago which was fitted with 10-46 Gibson Brite Wires. Been through a few sets of these since but never changed brand or gauge.
  3. Hi Joe You do not need to pay $100 for a QUALITY replacement. I recently fitted a roller saddle replacement to my WildKat (with Bigsby) which was only £14.79 (GBP). It was a straight drop in job, quality product, easier than a string set change and got rid of all the buzzes, rattles and tuning problems that I had with the standard EPI tune-o-matic! Here's the link to my supplier: http://www.northwestguitars.co.uk/copy-of-high-quality-tune-o-matic-roller-saddle-guitar-bridge-b005/
  4. Looks like your bridge fits "standard" posts. EPIs and Gibsons usually have the bigger 6mm posts / holes. Easiest fix would be to get Stew Mac to swap? Something like a Gotoh® TI103-B-T would be good (if a bit pricey as it has nice Titanium saddles)
  5. I believe the Nighthawk should be using a "Floyd Rose" trem. The screw thread used on the arm is probably different to Fender.
  6. Hi, I recently upgraded my WildKat with B70 Bigsby to a roller bridge option from NorthWest Guitars (UK). LINK "http://www.northwestguitars.co.uk/copy-of-high-quality-tune-o-matic-roller-saddle-guitar-bridge-b005/#reviews" They have a number of models, including gold options, and provide diagrams for each showing the vital measurements etc. My upgrade fitted exactly onto the existing posts, and was easier to do than replacing a set of strings.
  7. It was a "High Quality Tune-O-Matic Roller Saddle Guitar Bridge - B005" from Northwest Guitars in Widnes, Cheshire, UK. "Produced in the same factory as our “Wilkinson” hardware" The following link should work OK........... http://www.northwestguitars.co.uk/copy-of-high-quality-tune-o-matic-roller-saddle-guitar-bridge-b005/#reviews
  8. My upgrade roller bridge was an unbranded cheapie which cost only £14 (approx 21 USD) and gave a massive increase in tuning stability. Real value for money and a great result for a low cost experiment.
  9. My 2014 WildKat came fitted, as standard, with an Epiphone branded Locktone Tune-o-matic bridge and a Bigsby B70 Vibrato tail-piece. From my experiences, and other on-line negative reviews, this combination has given rise to concerns about the guitar's ability to stay in tune. The problems are somewhat minimal if the Bigsby is being used lightly. However, after about six months use, my third and fourth string saddles were again moving when the Bigsby was used and failing to return to their original position. The saddle retaining spring wire is no match for the power of the Bigsby. This co
  10. I've had mine since August 2014 and think it is my best guitar ever. I got my very first electric guitar back in 1964 and have played and owned many others since. This time round I wanted a NEW guitar that combined features of a couple of classic guitars that I no longer have - a Hofner Club 50 single cutaway hollow arch-top and a Gibson SG Junior solid with P90 pickup. I wanted to try out the combination of a small semi-solid fitted with P90s as part of a 50's nostalgia project. After a long search on-line I thought the Wildkat was close to what I was looking for. The specification
  11. For me 2014 has been a good Epiphone year. Bought a terrific WildKat back in August. According to the serial number it was made in China, January 2014. Just can't put this guitar down. I bought this guitar to PLAY! Whether or not it is a good investment is of no consequence as I fully intend to wear it out.
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