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  1. HA! $400 would be an absolutely fine price. And I'm sure that you are spot-on with your assesment of the IB64 but I must not have been clear in my first post. I was looking for info on the McCartney-signed, replicas that Epiphone produced around 2005. -- a collectible rather than an every day instrument. My understanding is that they originally sold for $25K. I might have the opportunity to buy one at or below that price. Thought you guys may have some insight as to whether they have held their value or not.
  2. Does anyone have any idea what one of the 40 (or 36) exact replica Texans would cost these days? I've seen a couple online with asking prices of ~$50 - $60K but that seems to be more than anyone is willing to give. Any thoughts? What would you consider to be a 'great deal' price point? Thanks in advance...
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