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  1. Here is my homemade Hollow-body SG style guitar, made out of mahogany and maple. Wooden Knobs and wooden pick guard.
  2. aonghusyo


    How do you determine if an SG is original or not, ive seen a couple around the internet but i want to know if they are legit Gibson SGs.
  3. thanks for your confidence. as a 17 year old in high school im really lucky to even do this.
  4. i still need to fret it but...
  5. I still need to do small things like fretting and sanding.
  6. I built a hollow body Sg style guitar, and I know it's a contradiction of terms but is there anyone else who has built one.
  7. So for an engineering class we had to build something that we enjoyed so since I've been playing guitar for a while I built a hollow body sg style guitar, I know that technically it's a contradiction of terms but I'm wondering if anyone else had done this before.
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