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  1. A guitar god with unlimited resources 🤑🤑
  2. If we get another blizzard ,I'm shooting myself in the gizzard - Mr. Gibson one man band.
  3. Count your blessings, we are getting nailed in North Dakota with snow to be measured in feet,not inches and winds to50-65 gusts. Fukkin a ray. Go north to Dakota
  4. Looking out my back door at the snow that fell yesterday. It's gonna be a long one
  5. I did see 3 lighters last night. And thousands of cellphones.
  6. The group Chicago is playing at the Norsk Hostfest ,my wife got comp tickets from work,so I guess date night with me lovely bride. Never seen them but always liked their music. Things have changed since the old concert days lighters been replaced by cellphones.. No ganja being passed around ,no cigerettes being smoked. The world is ending.
  7. Oh ya, the dreaded bills. We had a guy here that went out to the mailbox and threw the bills in the ditch,didn't work though.
  8. United States politicians . No returns.
  9. The epiphone ES 339 I just bought has Pau Ferro on the fretboard, I actually like it. Feels like ebony to me. Tone wise I can't say yet, since it's a form of rosewood,can't be much different than rosewood,can it?
  10. https://imgur.com/a/beSkh1n ive been disappointed with this custom shop Rogue acoustic also,49.00 dollars wasted. Oh well I got it online ..........
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