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  1. I'm looking for a CS 336,been checking out reverb,wondering where else to look. Any ideas?
  2. Took oats straw over to my friends place and put it in the chicken coop,moved his ex girlfriends furniture out of the house and into the shed. Played my rosewood telecaster for awhile too. Lazy day.
  3. Mr. Gibson


    I'm thankful I didn't eat myself to death today. It was close.
  4. I will write one after I use it,but very impressed of how well built it is,all stainless steel construction . Sausage making is fun becsuse you are eating all day testing the recipe. Going to make deer/pork and pork sausage and some beef.
  5. Mr. Gibson


    I'm sorry for all you and your Mrs. had to go through, but what great friends you have helping that way. Better days ahead I'm wishing for you. Great guitars,you chose wisely....
  6. Wish my stomach was smaller. Don't dare sleep on a beach anymore, people in green shirts want to roll me back into the ocean....
  7. I've always wanted a grinder and sausage stuffer of my own, everybody loves deer and pork sausage around here. At 800 dollars it'll pay for itself after 250 pounds,most of which will made this year. Should shoot another deer......
  8. https://imgur.com/a/XlqpsiS new meat grinder and stuffer
  9. If you're a multimillionaire,then I'm your son.....Dad.
  10. Good news! Glad everything is gonna be alright.
  11. My picture didn't load up,so I didn't say...
  12. Damn hard that's for sure, hoping everything will go great for you.
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