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  1. I just read Charlie Daniels died from a stroke,bummer always loved playing Long haired country boy.
  2. Damn Mr. Gibson is the worst sh1t starting prikk on this forum. The sentence is death to be carried out immediately. You forgot the 1st Stimulus Money thread that got taken down. I gotta make sure I'm the #1 prikk on your list.
  3. You might be the oldest member here
  4. Not much today, went to Mass out on the reservation to serve Mass and Help out the Elderly Priest who's subbing for our regular parish priest as he's taking a few days off to visit family in Montana. Am I an altarboy or an altarman if I'm 58? Went town for DQ food and give Mara some driving experience, she's doing good so far and will have her license when she turns 15 in January.
  5. 3615 positive 80 deaths 11 in my county 11 recovered not really that bad compared to other states
  6. 3421 positive 78 deaths 11 in my county 11 recovered Just read Biden is gonna make wearing masks mandatory. We're gonna have funny tans on our face is all.
  7. Quit being a fukkin assshole all the time. Keep it up and the moderators will make you go to cartoon land. Your time here hangs by a string and those in charge have a Gillette ready to handle the situation .
  8. They played that over and over at Waco to drive The Branch Davidian nuts. You know the rest of the story.....
  9. 3362 positive 78 deaths 11 in my county 11 recovered
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