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  1. Im spoiled rotten. Steaks were great btw..
  2. Neck and foot massage this morning, steaks and carrot cake tonight, more than I deserve. Love my 3 children forever.
  3. I'm tax and insurance poor,that's the trouble of owning anything . Young people don't own anything,then no one can take it away from you if you end up in the nursing home. Word.
  4. Did they have boats back then? Lol. I'm kidding....
  5. Coin collecting for nearly 50 years Astronomy for 25 years Hunting and fishing for 50 years I used to like pistol shooting,but unless you reload, it's way expensive nowadays
  6. Must be the weed keeping him going. Take a toke but don't choke
  7. Mr. Gibson


    https://imgur.com/a/EDp9NeA I've had this one for awhile,works good. I think around 20.00
  8. What kind of sandpaper did you use? I've got a couple of acoustic guitars to do.
  9. Eggs and English muffins,been awhile since I had eggs
  10. Thank you, I just got you back also.
  11. I took off everyone's minuses can someone do the same for me?
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