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  1. Luckily you were tough enough to make it. Thank God!
  2. The weight. Chorus the verse you make up as you go along, which can be comical. Smoke a big old fatty smoke a fatty for free smoke a big old fatty smoke a big old fatty on me.
  3. I’m glad she made it. Myself I really didn’t get very sick, up and down fever, chills, aches and no real taste in my mouth. I ate well,but lost around 15 lbs. Lasted about 4 days.
  4. I’m a farmer that’s outstanding in my field.
  5. This is in it’s infancy, I don’t think it’s been tested long enough to give that percentage. I’m not gonna argue about it. In fact I’ll give you each a purple trophy for participation.
  6. Johnny Van Zant has got COVID, He got the shots and took precautions but still he got it. Just another example of why bother getting the shot.
  7. He’s so shy, frustrated with his sexuality, trying to come to terms with my rejection of his man love toward me. Sorry, whoever you are, I’m straight but you can admire from afar. Perhaps JVI would be more of your cup of tea? Maybe Ghost of fl? Good luck with your search of true love.
  8. Someone with a serious Man crush for me, I’m flattered I guess.
  9. I don’t have one now, but I’ve owned a couple over the years. Gonna order one along with AC/DC power up album for old times sake
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