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  1. Anything is medically possible said my neurologist.
  2. 26 guitars and 7 amps. A good start.
  3. I have a 2010 with ebony fretboard I play the crap out of. Also have an almost never played 2013 aged cherry with rosewood fretboard that I should sell if I could get 6K.
  4. Thank you for your service,my brother served 20 years in the navy so I know it ain't all gravy.
  5. Best 41 years of her life. Congrats Butch and Deb!!
  6. It's untreatable mental illness to like Taylor Swifter and Miley Virus. IMO.
  7. 4 games of triple Yahtzee last night,won them all. Walked out with 7 big ones in my pocket. Alright it was only 7.00, but the glory of winning was immeasurable.
  8. My grandma used to take Certo for arthritis, it must of worked,she could take care of a 3 story house at 87 yo.
  9. That guitar is so cool I want it bad. congrats man!
  10. I want to hear your original song. I'm always making up stuff also.
  11. You won't die,but if you do can I have a guitar? Stay well Sarge.
  12. Fat as I'm getting Sundance could chew on me all winter.lol
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