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  1. Fixing barb wire fences. Bulls fighting I imagine. Went to pasture to check on the tenants bull,saw he was sickly and called him to give a shot of antibiotics. He uses an air powered dart gun. Which is much better than locking it up,head gating it,then give it a shot. Great device.
  2. People that call other people racist that are not racist,because they're so stupid they don't the meaning of the word racist.
  3. You got balls bro, I would of killed it.
  4. Because I hate the protesters burning,looting and destroying I'm racist? That's fukkin stupid. You and the rest of like minded people need to learn what a racist is. My God no wonder the country is the way it is. All this started because a black man OD on fentanyl. End of story.
  5. Mr. Canada, this is a United States problem. These kids protesting is just like kids in a candy store. Just sit and watch the protesters and what they do. They all take pictures of the chaos and they're smiling and laughing and dancing around,they're not angry about anything they're doing it because it's fun for them. You can see true anger on a face. None of them have that face. We the people are tired of it. I'm still at fire hoses,rubber bullets and dogs. And tasers. Tasers work good. I've tazzed myself twice by accident,that took the steam outta me and that was just a short hit. Wonder what a few seconds could do.
  6. Pain compliance is good term. No I don't spank my kids,its pain compliance sir. Lol
  7. No if it was Nazi Germany we'd round them up,put in box cars,gas them,cremate them and fertilize the cabbage with their ashes.
  8. I farted more than a good herd of cows last night. I don't feel guilty.
  9. Primer powered wax bullets are a close second.
  10. I'm still thinking fire hoses,dogs and rubber bullets are a cure for protesters. Call me old fashioned.
  11. Laughing friends arrive tears I cannot hide i of course would lie smoke gets in your eyes
  12. The smoke from the west is here, great. Some of it started by protesters. deforest it if you can't keep it from burning. Where the hell is Bigfoot going to hide? Nobody worries about Bigfoot.
  13. Looks good,never played a bass guitar.
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