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  1. Hey Sarge how’s it going? Nice to see you around again.
  2. Never too old to learn or play. Welcome aboard.
  3. Well nothing succeeds like success. Works like a charm.
  4. Some how I got the end of my mower sickle in a culvert, had a mile of walking home to get my pickup in 100 degree heat to pull it over 6 inches to get it out.
  5. What the hell is a MMA instructor anyway? Sounds scaaaaaaryyyy
  6. Always better to keep your mouth shut and let everyone think you’re stupid, then open it and remove all doubt.
  7. My rosewood tele was crackling every time I touched the pick guard, grabbed a dryer sheet and rubbed the pick guard all over and it actually worked. Who said I was wasting my time here sure was wrong. Lol.
  8. Good hay and ground oats and peas is the way I raise them. Ate cube steak last night out of the one I just butchered, oh man was it good with a side of asparagus. IDK about grass only, sounds like dry meat to me, but there are folks here that swear by it. Just like how long to hang the carcass after butchering. Some like a week, some like 2 weeks. Everyone has they’re own theory about it, just like what they feed them.
  9. I’m game. President Trump 2024.
  10. I’m a Samsung user, 200.00 is enough for a phone. Works for my new hobby of cow/rancher selfies. Now everyone knows I’m weird when I send them a pic.
  11. Tell me I’m wrong.
  12. Money and race is why.
  13. I saw that, what a creepy sad excuse for a human being.
  14. Just Very Insane is watching you. Be careful you might get emojified. And feel empty inside as I do when I get emojified.
  15. It is now. That name causes the libs to cringe like a demon seeing a crucifix. I’m in fer it now, I just can’t keep my big fingers shut.
  16. Idk if they had video in the building or not, but having the murder weapon in the freezer is gonna hang him. The only thing that ties him to the business is they were managing the trailer court he lived in. I’m guessing it might have something to do with that.
  17. He was caught on video walking in and walking out of the business place, also he was spotted by McDonald’s employees where he parked his truck. To make things worse for him, he was caught on video casing the business out the week before. Once they figured out who it was, the police arrested him and found the gun used in the murder. I’m going with guilty on this one, the trial is just formality to buy time before getting sent to the crowbar hotel. The surveillance videos is what got him.
  18. There’s one coming up I would like to serve on, a chiropractor is accused of killing 4 people at their place of business, shot them all and cut throats on a couple of them. Nobody knows why.
  19. Mr. Gibson


    Found on road dead.
  20. Cream Soda is used for embalming fluid in a pinch.
  21. Been called 3 times, never had to serve, glare at everyone when you get there, they’ll turn you loose.
  22. A study on 52,238 employees of the Cleveland clinic says that not a single incidence of SARS CoV-2 infection was observed in previously infected participants with or without the vaccine.
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