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  1. Let the next generation worry about it. That is if they can get their fn nose outta their phones 📞
  2. Carrot cake and chicken enchiladas.
  3. She’s going down so fast that it probably won’t be long before she passes away. As far as insurance paying I think he’s got the clinic sending a script down to the equipment store, I really don’t know how much they’re paying, I don’t want to ask. He’s had a rough 5 days with thinking about how to proceed with this.They’ve been together for 42 years so it’s very emotional for him. I think he’s getting very little support from their 4 kids, hence why he called me to help. Be a friend anyway you can, just to laugh with a friend is good medicine.
  4. Weed is legal there I think 🤔 . I haven’t gotten real id yet so I’m limited to where I can go.
  5. Went to the capital city with my friend who’s wife has MS/Dementia. He needed help to load a lift for his wife, his boys are busy in the field, so I’m up for a drive and lunch at Dennys. I showed him the wonders of google maps, he’ll be getting rid of that flip phone now, Anyway her insurance quit paying for her stay at the hospital and he either takes care of her or shells out 300.00 a day which he and many others don’t have. So he purchased thousands worth of equipment today at the rehab store and he’ll take care of her. Now you see why I don’t want to burden Karen. You’re going to have a funeral sooner or later,might as well be sooner and save 110K a year.
  6. I’d almost consider suicide so as not to burden my wife with having to deal with me if I get it. I’ve seen too many of my older friends fade away.
  7. Glad you beat it, what a ride.
  8. I look like a relic. Am I worth more now? Not likely.
  9. I have a classmate and friend who is suffering from MS related dementia, very sad situation. So I’ve been studying up about things that can cause early dementia, and am surprised at a couple things I found so far. Too much Television, if you’re watching more than 3.5 hours a day you can experience cognitive decline in your middle years. Anxiety and Depression, if left untreated can cause lesions on the brain. Vasectomy, can cause early dementia, prostate cancer and other illnesses. But by playing board games, video games, guitar, reading or anything that challenges the mind you can keep your brain 🧠 healthy. Any thoughts on this? It’s a very important topic, I’m sure all of us know someone with a dementia problem. I’d rather have a painful disease then get it.
  10. You could slot the bottom hole of the trc and maybe get a little better. Otherwise you paid a lot of coin for a guitar that looks like I worked on it.
  11. In North Dakota we love global warming. It hit -60 f this winter, which was a bit chilly even for me.
  12. Nothing yet, just sitting around waiting to be a millionaire.
  13. Clear the roads I’m headed to town.
  14. I try to walk 25 minutes a day plus chores,a lot of times I push my magnet on wheels and pick up 120 years of nails and what not around here.
  15. I’m down 10 lbs now but stuck at 230lbs for a couple weeks. Need to increase my walks I guess.
  16. He might have been there then. Hard to say,he was in the Philippines and Hawaii also,went to the pentagon in about 92 or 93.
  17. My older brother was in navy from 1983-2003, worked for admiral Bull as a yeoman on the midway and coral sea. He worked at the pentagon until his office got destroyed on 911 after that he worked for chief of chaplains,then retired. Works for a defense contractor now.
  18. Luckily you were tough enough to make it. Thank God!
  19. The weight. Chorus the verse you make up as you go along, which can be comical. Smoke a big old fatty smoke a fatty for free smoke a big old fatty smoke a big old fatty on me.
  20. I’m a farmer that’s outstanding in my field.
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