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  1. My friend and I are cutting down a American elm that died last year,a lot of work since it sets between 2 buildings, it’s at least 40 feet tall and lots of branches protruding every which way. Put the scaffolding up and been cutting from the top down. Lots of work for a couple of old men like ourselves and must be careful not to end up horizontally for eternity.
  2. Good on you for helping your students, you’re doing God’s work when you do.
  3. Long,long story as usual. I love her,but when she hates my 2 brothers and me,what you gonna do? Live with it. That’s what.
  4. Quit being a Narc. You remind me of my sister.
  5. Make her an offer she can’t refuse.
  6. Wondering what happened to you,glad you’re among the living.
  7. Nice guitar Joel, enjoy.
  8. Dammit KS, I was hoping for a better ending. Prayers for Anna,Her faith is known only to God.
  9. Fixing fence again,at least the wind ain’t blowing 30 mph like yesterday.🥶
  10. Getting some overtime in or are you salaried?
  11. Glad I woke up alive this morning. Drinking coffee, wondering what’s the best fretboard material.
  12. Yep over thinking get your arse in trouble.
  13. It looks like someone dropped it or whatever and tried to hide their crime with black marker. Send it back.
  14. Never thought I would want a ES style guitar ever, then I bought one,now I have two. Never say never ever.
  15. Mara’s confirmation today. Back was killing me sitting on the hard wooden benches too long. Smoked a Lucky Strike and headed out to eat. Came home took a nap,went out and did cattle chores. Go over to a friend’s house tonight and play guitar later.
  16. If we have 2 people with the same name we put big or little in front, one example was big Eleanor and little Eleanor because one was tall and the other short. Or by age older one was big and younger one little. Everyone had a nickname here in the 60s through 80s.
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