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  1. There I go coveting during lent.
  2. My wife had her first shot today and got a reaction to it. Face swelling and red and feels like her eye is going to swell shut. She took some benedryl. See what happens
  3. That reminds me of the time I had a cow get struck by lightning while it was standing in the slough,it fell apart when I grabbed it with the loader,like it was cooked in a crockpot. Easier for the coyotes to eat.
  4. Now my friend is an electrician and he was telling me that if someone is getting electrocuted you take a running tackle to save them,my question is if you get buzzed by 14k what do you do besides watch him sizzle like bacon? I imagine just watch them sizzle...
  5. They did that here to all the Duanes, except for the Duane they called calf eyes.
  6. Paradise I’m sure, Hawaii is a dream for me.
  7. What kind of voltage are you talking about?
  8. I have my own well that’s gravel filtrated. I have the best water in the state, at least that’s what everyone says who drinks it. Coffee is phenomenal.
  9. I live in North Dakota if windmills froze they would’ve froze here. And they didn’t.
  10. Back to pipelines, much safer to pipe it than truck it or rail it. Your water is safe, don’t listen to the bull. Like AOC saying that the new green deal would’ve prevented blackouts. No, coal power will prevent blackouts. How in the fukk does someone like that get elected? Oh yeah because there’s too many that think like her,but in reality there’s no thinking going on in that skull.
  11. Can you trust your right hand not to cheat on you and give you social diseases?
  12. I had a thread about our user names awhile back.
  13. Ever have a nickname? I’ve had a few over the years, how bout you? Tweety Bean Curly Moe
  14. He shuts the pipeline down forcing the oil to be trucked or railed to wherever. Pipelines are cheaper and most of all safer. Then bombs Syria for whatever and bypasses Congress for permission.
  15. Its really better than the other one by far.
  16. New iPad generation 8 in my possession, I’m back to pissssing off everyone.
  17. Be back when I get a new iPad. I'm not posting with this phone anymore.
  18. Hate it. Can't stand using phone.
  19. Trying posting on my phone since iPad won't. Maybe time for a new iPad?
  20. Still in the artic pattern,-32 f this morning. In the the northern part of the state - 59.6 f ( unofficially at a park ranger station) On a good note the air is fresh.
  21. Gone like a fart in the wind.
  22. Worse yet,if the river flows into the ocean the sea level will rise.
  23. It ain't all it's cracked up to be.
  24. I wanted to be a liberal,but they told me I don't have the right stuff.
  25. Sasquatch loves Gibson Acoustic guitars, He says they are the best.
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