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  2. Used they go for around $300 to maybe $400 and that is with a hard shell case. Offer $350 and if they don't accept pass on it.
  3. I have a very nice Epiphone Masterbilt acoustic i don't seem to be able to find out any information about at all. Came with the Epi soft/hard zippered case. This guitar has 2 different #'s in side it along with the model. Model AJ500RCSNS Serial # on inner label GR-05040180 # on end of neck inside guitar is, 0503190120 This is a slotted headstock with neck joint at 12th fret. Appears to be Spruce Top with Indian Rosewood back and sides. I am interested in knowing point of manufacture, date of manufacture, and any other pertinent info about what seems to be a particularly rare model. I have not been able to find any information about this online at all so any accurate assistance would be greatly appreciated. It sounds like a grand piano, a truly magnificent guitar that plays effortlessly with an amazing array of tone available.
  4. I bought one on clearance from Guitar Center for $409 brand new 2 weeks ago. Less than 50% of new cost. These are incredible guitars, you will love it. Basic setup to taste with strings of your choice, plug in and get busy. A superb guitar in every respect.
  5. Question, are you bored ? What could possibly prompt you to want to be the Craigslist Popo ? Sellers can charge whatever they want, buyers will and do pay what they can live with. The end. Without having first hand experience with an instrument personally all you have accomplished here is spouting off about something that doesn't belong to you. I bet that is a damn fine Epi.
  6. I literally just sold mine yesterday for $600, all original all case candy and case etc etc. It was the vintage sunburst one instead of the cherry. It was and is perfect. But i bought an Ibanez JEM BFP instead so i can live with it !
  7. Yes your guitar was made in Japan at the Fiji Jen Plant in 2005.
  8. That's one hell of a nice collection ya got there man.
  9. Yep you're right that is a rare and very tasty EPI right there. Bet that baby plays and sounds fantastic too. Drool......!!!!
  10. It just so happens that i too own a 1993 Epiphone Sheraton and mine is a fantastic playing and sounding guitar. Low and fast, very nice sound even when played unplugged and just noodling around. Mine is a keeper and i love it. Mine is in the natural finish and is 100% originial.
  11. I wouldn't thank Gibson, instead thank Epiphone for continuing to make GREAT affordable guitars. Gibson only licenses Epiphone to make and sell the guitars that are like their Gibson counterparts. I own numerous Epiphone's because they are firstly great guitars, secondly because of the massive savings in price. If i won the lottery i suppose i would buy sme Gibson guitars too but that would not keep me from buying and playing Epiphone guitars. Good is good, period. Welcome to the Epiphone family.
  12. Buy them both man, hell they're inexpensive and both are damn good.
  13. You can contact the guys at Nashville Fretworks and they can assist you with this. They can be found on Facebook.
  14. Have you already parted ways with this guitar ? If you still have it i am interested. I can be found on Facebook as Rich Firyn. I live in Virginia Beach, Va. I do happen to have a very nice Epiphone Riviera w/3 P90's and Bigsby in very nice shape and playing condition. With hardshell case too of course.
  15. That is one heck of a fine example you have shown us. What is the going fair market price for an example such as yours if it came up on the market ? I am a big fan of Epiphone guitars and have played them and owned them for well over 45 years now.
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