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  1. Thanks it measures around 8.2k
  2. looks like its actually a late '61 LP Jr. checked the pots and it has the smooth bridge and slanted position. honestly i think its the original P90 that someone replaced the cover. solder looks untouched to me. tough to get to the leads to measure the resistance too so im not sure
  3. i know but it has the side tabs. is it old? bought the LP Jr for 800. someone moved the stop bridge back and added another gibson bridge, going to restore it but not sure about the pickup.
  4. is this a dog ear? 60's? 70's? aftermarket? I bought a 62 LP Jr and it had this pickup with a non original dog ear pickup cover. also included a shot of the harness where its soldered. looks old. any ideas? thanks P90 pics
  5. What do you guys think of this. FON doesn't look right? http://www.ebay.com/itm/171904444216
  6. Yeah thanks. I emailed him after the auction and asked some q's. Made sure everything was legit for they most part and talked him down. I also was checking those k zoo's out too. I believe they only used ladder bracing on all their models. Although you really don't need x bracing for a 3/4 but it helps.
  7. Tape measure is a little wrinkly but it measures out to 13.5". I think the 3/4's were 12" and some change?
  8. Wow learn something new every day. Wasn't aware they did that but it makes sense. To be in business that long through all sorts of economic moments in history is impressive. I'm digging this guitar more and more every day. Seems it has it's own kind of sound. Little extra bass but still boxy and throaty. Can coax a lot out of it.
  9. Great info Terry. Thanks a bunch. So mine could have actually been put together in the 50's and not really a refurbished earlier guitar. Possibly? Or more likely a new top and total refinish of an older l? Do you think I got ripped off or would 1k be a fair price for its condition?
  10. Nada on the FON. Here's a pic of under the guard too. Nothing there!
  11. Well there it is on the left! Besides the logo. Interesting. So a 50's redo... what do you think it started life out as then?
  12. Yeah I hear you. I paid 1k for it so I guess I'm right there. So do you think gibson used an old L jig for the new top with the rounded bottom or how would they have recreated it? And then you think the back and sides are most likely original? Does the neck match an early L neck? Wondering if that's original as well.
  13. Trying to get access to post on UMGF right now, but I think you're spot on. Thanks again for all your info. Great help. What do you think this thing might be worth in its current refurb state? Plays beautifully, intonation is great, neck is straight, excellent action, no bellying/sinking, no cracks. Has a hole, missing one back brace.
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