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  1. I'm selling off some of my guitars and have started a thread in the forum classifieds here at My Classified I recently bought a new SxS UTV and want to get some accessories for it ... so this special stereo version of a Epi LP Pro Top is on the block. Even if you don't want to buy, it's still a cool version of the Pro Top that was officially modded by Gibson's Memphis refurbisher, to it and a few of its blem'ed siblings ... and is kinda unique to check out if only for posterity/curiosity. Here's a sample shot of it ....
  2. Yeah, I had one that shot my dog and took off with my best girl! So I rung it's bloody neck, snuck into a random house, and swapped it in the middle of the night for one some guy had ....
  3. Yes, it was "Handcrafted in China".;) The build quality is very good, and closer on par with my Gibbys and Pro-Line Gretsch guitars than price alone would indicate. Here's a decent YouTube example of it by Gregor Hilden ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80lYWD4AsE4 And the Gibson ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zggE8BXOfJk IMHO the biggest difference between these two (and almost any Fender/Squier, Gretsch Pro-Line/Electromatic, Gibson/Epiphone and etc.) is the the grade of components and the way they feel in your hands. In some cases my poly finish guitars look better than my nitro-lacquer finish guitars. So ...I guess it could be said that modern mfg methods have really narrowed the gap on performance these days ... while cost keeps diverging.
  4. Yeah ... I think Gibson just might be aiming to drive a stake into the heart of their "nut monster". ;) If so ..... it worked great! ;)
  5. Yikes ... that's some 'serious' reconstruction there dude! But I guess if its been working well for you for 5 years ..... and you don't have any propensity to say things like "ul B bawk" .... it's all doing as designed, and good for that!! Yeah, I can't imagine that the Ti nut will wear out unless a person's using those industrial grade diamond dust impregnated rod-type hack saw blades for strings. ;) I don't know if they're cryo treated like the bridge saddles, but that wouldn't surprise me it they are. In any case ... I think Ti should last a lot longer than the brass or nickle, and once again ... thanks for posting! :)
  6. Hey Scott ... thanks for posting that info dude! After reading it I went to the Gibson USA support site, and requested the titanium one from them. I got an email confirming they would send it a day or two later ... and it arrived today with the paperwork confirming it's titanium (took about 3 weeks or so) and of course no charge. Anyway .... I appreciate the heads up Pal! :)
  7. Thanks man, I'm glad my post falls under good grace ...... but not the religious kind. ;) BTW: Searcy .... nice axe!! Looks like you did a great job finishing it up! :)
  8. I'm a bit sorry I posted this, as I sincerely didn't mean to start any arguments. As indicated I was thinking that Gibson was purging their unfinished inventory of late model guitars (that met a lot of backlash) and might be sitting in their warehouse, but I see now that these are evidently guitars that the shop selling them has torn apart for better profit. I'm not sure I particularly dig doing that, but if above board ...... it's a free economy ..... but admittedly does seem a bit unsavory IMHO. Anyway ... my intent was to let you folks know of a way (that was new to me) to get a Gibson body and neck, that would provide you with the base for making a custom Gibson at a decent price, and let you make it "your own" without the cost of replacing stuff you wouldn't use, or to put in the hardware and pups that you either may have on hand, or can buy that might not be the best .... but are good enough for the purpose you need/want, all at less than buying a full Gibson axe. I was not intending to insinuate that it would be OK to build it out of cheap/garbage parts and then pass it on as genuine. If my post came across that way I am truly sorry, I did not mean that would be a proper thing to do at all.
  9. That's a good point. I was thinking more that Gibson might have found a way to reduce inventory on the unfinished and non-selling models of late. But your valid point makes me wonder how the headlocks are labeled. (???) Before buying, it might be wise to ask questions ..... by calling 'Gibson' customer service as a start. Thanks for the cautionary response!
  10. Guys, I got this in an email today and thought I'd pass it along in case some of you might be interested. One of these body/neck combos, the hardware and some pups of your choice, might make a nice custom Gibby axe at a pretty good discount ..... especially if you are looking for a certain Gibson and planning on modding it. http://www.stratosph...39587-219847921 I have no first hand experience with this company, but I do recall reading some controversial posts regarding them, so if you decide to peruse anything check 'em out first.
  11. Just got my 2015 LP Clasic, and the G-Force had some issues trying to do the basic single strum tune. So I did the same thing as you ..... streched the strings, and no more problems. I can radically detune, do a single strum ..... perfect. Drop D .... perfect. Open G ..... perfect. Any alt. tuning ..... perfect. It's all working just as advertised. I'll put some EB SS 9-42s on it, hand stretch them, and see how that goes. BTW: I got it from an authorized dealer for $1500 delivered .... so I'm a happy camper. :)
  12. Flyer91

    2016 Models

    True .... I just reveived my 2015 Les Paul Classic for $1500 delivered. BTW:The G-Force works perfectly ..... 'after' I streached the strings by hand.
  13. Yup, that's one of the reasons I held off until the e-tuner became easy to replace with other tuners ... be it current mechanicals or future electronic ... either OEM or aftermarket. When you look at all the cool things that electronic tuners can do, it's probably going to be the way of the future, and will become more refined .... albeit on the backs of us early adopters. All those cool multi-tuning features of the G-Force ... without the drawbacks of mechanical system, the 2015's bridge-like adjustable nut (that can turn it into a 'Dobro type' high action neck for slide ... and back again) NO NIBS!!, and the adjustable boost circuit, with a wider neck, in a 'UPS can drop-kick it from 15' high' hardcase ... are all why I ordered one. Plus ..... I worked a deal that got it delivered for ~25% off current street, at $1500 from an authorized Gibby shop, and they gave me "pick of the litter" from multi angle pics of 3 different ones that they had in stock .... so I'm willing to see how it all works. I mean really guys, $1500 is less than a new decent entry level quad copter camera ship ..... and they are not only getting bad press in the media, they are known for just flying away when their autopilot systems hiccup, never to be seen again!! The only time that happens with a guitar is if you don't use strap locks and go all whirlybird by tossing it about your neck ... like some kind of 1980's, spandex glad, big hair dork. I'll do a NGD post after it gets here next Thursday ....
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