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    Total guitar newbie! Geeked up to learn, I have a beautiful Epiphone ES-335 Limited PRO! I also play the Native American Flute.
  1. Excellent post, GL! I have an Epiphone Masterbilt DRMCE500, and I sure love the sound I get unplugged, I just know it will SING with the right acoustic amp or PA. I also have an Epiphone ES-335 Limited PRO in Iced Tea which I think is a very nice guitar for the price. Why do people have to be brand snobs anyway? If you have a $3,000 dollar guitar and can't play worth a damn. you're wasting your money anyway.
  2. Thanks for the great photos! I too own an Epiphone DR500 MCE, and I'm glad I made the choice. I really like the sound of the guitar unplugged, I have only had it plugged in once just to test the electronics; I'm waiting to get an acoustic amp.
  3. I will rejoice when I get to the stage of worrying about bracing in my guitar rather than when I can consistently play that F# diminished!
  4. This site has some good people here that care about guitars, playing them, not ego-tripping on the name on the headstock like certain other sites I can name, the folks here are friendly too! I am a total newbie, having just begun to take lessons last November. I can tell you all it's a journey not for the faint of heart at times! But, I am crawling, hoping to one day walk, then maybe jog! I have two Epiphones a ES-335 Limited Pro in Iced Tea, and a Masterbilt MCE500. I am very impressed with their quality, especially the Masterbilt. The sound of the Masterbilt is just fantastic! I got the electric first, but I think acoustic is going to be the sound I like best, We'll see, I like having the option to play both!
  5. I love mine, haters gonna hate!
  6. Here's mine, it's making me a better player, even for a total newbie!
  7. I agree, if you visit The Acoustic Forum, all you read is how Martin and Taylor are the only guitars worth having which is a crock. I LOVE my Masterbilt DR-500MCE, which is also Vintage Sunburst. I am just a beginner, but it's leaps and bounds better sounding and easier to play than my Yamaha, which is a lower end model. Enjoy!
  8. Congratulations! I have the same guitar in Vintage Sunburst, a great guitar! Now I have a get good enough to do it justice!
  9. Congratulations! Where's the pics? I just got mine a week ago, it's a fantastic guitar!
  10. Congratulations, that's a STEAL at $150! Love the Vintage Sunburst!
  11. Thank you, I appreciate the compliments, it really has to be seen to be appreciated, and I can definitely hear the difference in tone and sound compared to my Yamaha. It's easier to play too! I'm very happy I choose the Epiphone Masterbilt!
  12. I totally agree! I have an Epiphone ES-335 Limited PRO and an Epiphone Masterbilt MCE500 Acoustic-electric. In my short duration of exposure to the guitar world, I have noticed that there are a lot of brand snobs out there who will throw out names like Gibson, Taylor, Martin, Gretsch, and others and look down their collective noses at brands like Epiphone, a fine quality guitar make for those of us who can't or won't pay the price of a "good" guitar like a Gibson. If you're new(like me) to guitar, does it make sense to buy an outrageously expensive brand when you can't even string three chords together? A $5,400 Gibson will still sound like crap if you don't know how to play! I say get what you like and can afford, and let the snobs look down their noses, I love my Epiphones !
  13. I vote for the Masterbilt, because I just got mine this weekend! It's a solid wood guitar and I'm very impressed with it! Check it out!
  14. Update: I changed strings this weekend, using the Elixir Phosphor Bronze Nanoweb Lights. I noticed a gain in volume over the stock string's which were D'Addario according to Epiphone. I will say the stock stings seemed to be easier to strum in that there was less pick noise, maybe that's just the case of increased volume at work? I also have some D'Addario Phosphor Bronze lights on hand, maybe next sting change I'll try them and see the difference.
  15. I have some Elixr Nanoweb Bronze Phosphors in light gauge, I may do a sting change and see.
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