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  1. my worst sounding guitar is my MIM Fender Strat. It doesn't stay in tune well, so the sound isn't too great. I'm eventually going to get some new machine heads for it.
  2. I can't wait for The Amazing Spider-man, Avengers, and The Hobbit.
  3. I'm not sure, but it may be a Es 339. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson-Custom-ES-339-Semi-Hollow-Electric-Guitar-with--59-Rounded-Profile-Neck-515255-i1322709.gc
  4. Gorgeous guitar! I really want a lefty 335. These guitars are so beautiful.
  5. I've always loved the Bon Scott era of AC/DC. I love watching the early videos of AC/DC on Plug Me In. And the Bonfire set is amazing too.
  6. I've never really liked talent shows. We had em' in high school, but they were just a way to get out of class for a while. We generally only had one group worthy of being called "talented," so the show was usually always boring. There was no real competition between groups. Of course, not having a lot of different musicians was also a problem. Everyone wanted to play guitar.
  7. I would either go for a Cream Firebird and flip it, or buy a left handed 335 in black.
  8. All of my left handed guitars are wired lefty. But I have played a lefty Gibson SG that was wired like a right handed guitar. It was kinda weird when I first played it.
  9. Holy crap!!! I got dizzy from watching it lol I couldn't watch it after he started climbing on top of the tower. Gives me the chills.
  10. I hope these are eventually made left handed. They're not much more than the Standard models. I'd save up just a little more to invest in a 61.
  11. My budget is VERY small. Maybe 200-250. I'm definitely going for used. The Marshall I've been looking at is 199. And I'm not into heavy metal or anything like that, so I'm not really expecting a heavy sound from the amp. I might look into Vox if I can find anything reasonable. And I have to settle for a combo right now. I could by a head, but I can't afford to buy a cabinet to go with it, so I'm kinda sol there.
  12. Nah I don't think that's a fake, even though I've never seen this model before. I have seen a lot of old fashioned Gibson acoustics with that kind of script logo though. Body looks a bit funny though.
  13. I'm searching for a new amplifier, and I'm looking at a Marshall MG250DFX. Has anyone ever used one before? I have a pretty low budget(parents are selling their piano for $1000. most is going to house repairs and credit cards). It looks like a decent 100 watt amp, and is much better than my little 38ish watt Fender amp. So what are some other good low budget amps out there?
  14. I have a few I've been thinking about lately. Biological Research(Jimmy Page reference), Blackbird, Stacked Actors, Walk, Miss the Misery. Look at some of your favorite artists' songs. Sometimes the song titles can make good band names.
  15. Greg always puts out great videos. Love his videos.
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