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  1. Get in touch with Towner at townerusa.com - he will mix n match Bigsby parts to suit your guitar. I have a Sheraton that had a Frequensator but I got frustrated with string breakage and fiddling with the two forks when restringing a single string or a full set. Towner sold me a B6 with a B3 hinge plate for full coverage of the butt-end. The Sheraton lacked any tailpiece posts or holes (as you may know) so after some research on others' experience I went with the B6 without any drilling or a Vibramate. Also crucial (for me at least) was the Towner hinge plate adapter which allows a
  2. I regard a mod as a significant replacement or addition of components, usually pickups or electronics. Installing a Bigsby is obviously a mod. I regard most other things as improvements. If we consider certain parts in high-end guitars it's obvious they yield an insanely high margin per part eg Grover 18:1 tuners. Changing tuners, switches, nuts and bridges is a small price to pay for stability, a lack of headaches, peace of mind, etc. Mass-produced guitars have advanced light years in terms of variances/tolerances thanks to automation but haste still makes waste and attention to
  3. I've played that Riviera at a shop and was unimpressed. Could have been the setup or lack thereof but it seemed quite dull and lifeless.
  4. Long-term update: the UJ has been my main guitar for stage and studio for 8 months. In all candor I sometimes forget the UJ design is on there since I'm more interested in the musical aspects of it! As I think I mentioned previously I installed a replacement nut myself (Tusq XL) that provided huge return on small investment. Better tuning stability, eliminated a pinch in the G string slot (obvs), etc. I also opted for speed knobs for, well, speed. The vintage-style knobs are just a bit too fiddly during quick stage adjustments - I found I had to fumble for the top of the barrel before tu
  5. I saw that exchange of posts. There are some thin-skinned (guitar pun!) and high-strung (another guitar pun!) people over there. Knowledgeable but touchy. I don't care if they can play like Eric Johnson I'm not sure I'd want to be in a band with them!
  6. I have been kicking myself repeatedly for ignoring semi-hollow options (except for a Ric 12 string) for so long. I love my UJ Sheraton but as Eddie Van Halen once said, a big-bodied 335-size Roy Orbison guitar can look awkward at times. Enter the 339 and 356. I actually tried the 356 at a MARS music store at least 10 years ago - so ignorant was I that at first I though 'Hang on, these 335s aren't as big as they look!' only to later realize my error and the nature of the 339/356. Frankly, I'm surprised it took so long for Gibson to pursue what seems an obvious path with a smaller-bodie
  7. A semi-long-term status update...I've had the UJ model for several months and the more I play it the more it becomes the first guitar I reach for. Out of hope or possibly stubbornness I've been trying to make a Gibson Custom Shop VOS SG my default choice but the Burstbucker output is simply too hot for many numbers. Obviously that guitar will get the unmistakable SG snarl but it bucks like a horse when I try to get smoother rhythm parts out of it. Just as well, I suppose, as it's risky to make a rather expensive guitar with its infamously delicate design the 'gamer' for gigs. I inclu
  8. Well hello again ;) I've had about a week with this guitar....although cognitive dissonance is an unpleasant thing I'm happy to report that any I initially had is decreasing. It's my first semi hollow guitar so although I was familiar with and expecting a different, more rounded tone I still had to adjust my expectations AND my rig. Just as it isn't possible for me to switch between a Strat and an SG without changing some amp EQ and/or pedals (boost, comp), this guitar also requires some adjustment of settings. But despite any legwork I regard that as a net positive...it means the ri
  9. I meant my timing worked out for once! This arrived from MF last week....;)
  10. Dumb luck worked in my favor for once...MF is apparently out of stock again and back to 'expected ship date' of Dec 15.
  11. Makes sense...guess I'll have to play mine extensively :)
  12. I agree and don't want to threadjack but here's one more that shows a fairly good contrast I reckon I can buy some and try it myself :)!
  13. At the risk of multiple posts (but attempting to restrict each post to a particular subtopic) and at the risk of heresy among UJ aficionados... Didn't Noel's guitar have silver/nickel pickup covers with gold tailpiece/bridge? I realize that the focus is on the flag design and the model/appointments/electronics and that not everyone is looking for a replica of THAT Maine Road guitar but I suppose I will stick my head above the parapet and ask. I'm also usually of the opinion that gold and silver hardware together on the same guitar - or the same person, for that matter - is not a
  14. Brilliant! The OCD completist in me would want both even if I didn't play both regularly i.e. I preferred one over the other. Have to say the UJ walks it in the headstock department. I can appreciate the simplicity of the little holly emblem (or whatever it is) on my SG and the Supernova but, as with most things Epiphone, I was blind to how lovely that vine design is. I guess I've been so conditioned to the Gibson Mustache that I had reservations about the Epi headstock but now appreciate the ornate, more rounded design. I hesitate to ask considering I've now got a UJ still in the s
  15. Exactly the same here! I feel guilty four times over... 1) I didn't join this board until yesterday despite being active on numerous guitar forums (fora?). 2) I, too, have been awaiting the UJ model announcement and shipment but was keeping a lonely vigil, occasionally checking MF for availability 3) I didn't know about the sturm und drang so many like-minded individuals were experiencing here. On one hand I have empathy, on the other hand perhaps I'm lucky to have missed some of the agonizingly long wait. 4) Once MF listed them in stock I ordered and received blissfully unaware of th
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