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  1. That makes sense. I'm old school, not up on all the newfangled stuff. Who knows, they may have been doing this for years and I didn't notice. UN
  2. I can see the advantage of that with humbuckers, just wondered about single coils.
  3. New to the forum but figured I'd post this amp I got in for servicing. I'll start by saying the original owner doesn't want to spend much on repairs, he just said "it hums", so it's been sitting in the closet for the last 40 years. These are quite the mess. Keeping things minimal, I replaced power cord and filter caps before even powering it up. I found a bad 5 watt power supply resistor as well. There's no hum now so I'm not sure what he was hearing, 60 or 120. The reverb tank input was unplugged and that could have been the issue all along if the reverb was switched on. Anyway, it runs
  4. The fretboard is rosewood, must have been the camera angle. The model # is HB003m, (serial # 01787714) on the COA. I did run across a post this morning on this site from 2008 about these guitars that didn't get far. I know the 2011/2012's that were made after these had tapped p90's. (I don't understand that concept) These don't. UN
  5. Thanks for all the words of compliment, I'm very happy with it. Surprisingly, I haven't even contemplated a pickup upgrade. I may have to start on a 5F1 or 5E3 build though. UN
  6. Yep, shims and pole screws on a dogear. I needed to raise the bridge so I used a piece of leftover fiberboard from an amp build to cut and shape a shim, it was just the right amount of lift it needed to get it balanced closer to the neck PU. UN
  7. I just did a little touch up on the nut for someone on this guitar. I haven't seen one like this, I'm assuming someone trimmed the headstock, etc. at some point in it's past. It's one of "those" guitars that's just plain fun to play. (No I didn't re-string it like that) UN
  8. I Just picked up this guitar and I'm looking for some info on it. From what I've found online Gibson did a very limited run on these in 2007 (Serial # is 2007, I changed the knobs as well). That being said, the information about this guitar is also "very limited", including Gibson directly. I've owned a couple of 335's with humbuckers in the past but this one seems like the quality is better. Any info would be greatly appreciated. UN
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