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  1. It's an old quote but the saying goes "“Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” ― George Carling
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    Yes this the insurance replacement for my previous 60s Tribute Plus though I changed the finish to the Heritage Cherry from the Vintage Sunburst, in the meantime, I am having the neck fixed on the broken one, so I'll have two for a short while at least. i think the new one plays even more nicely than the old one. I'm new to guitars so the strap locks weren't really a point of focus, but they are now and I've bought a pair for fitting. i did contemplate buying something from the Gibson range with a bit more additional spend, but I think the VFM on these is too good to pass bye.
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    Silver lining and then some
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    Thanks for the sympathy and advice guys. I'll contact the insurance company and see what they say. They may have some they use in repairs of this type, I'm too new to the scene to have built up any contacts, if the insurance company don't have anyone I'll contact the shop I purchased it from. I'll also be fitting a better Straplocks to either this guitar or any that replace it! I guess we all learn from our mistakes!
  5. This morning while practicing, i tried adjust the Strap on my 1960s Tribute Plus, unfortunately it somehow came loose from the Straplocks and fell to the floor smashing the headstock clean off . is this capable of economic repair or will it be an insurance write-off. I suspect it will be the latter. Anyway I'm gutted, it was my first guitar and was loving the tones I was getting from putting it thru my new Yamaha THR10c. :(
  6. Congratulations the TT seems like a good bet for being an excellent Epiphone. As regards delivery a lot of newly announced guitars seem to take a while to get through to customers, the Sheraton Union Jack being an example. Welcome to the forum from another newbie.
  7. Well try the guitars out at Windows, see which one you like best, obviously not the same as trying the actual guitar but it will help. I should also say when I was looking at similar guitars the guy led me away from the Riviera, he didn't say they were troublesome but...
  8. Very nice,I was looking at one in Windows the other day, a seriously good looking guitar. I have to say that the quality of the finish of the Standard and the Blak and Blue were also excellent. happy NGD
  9. Very nice,I was looking at one in Windows the other day, a seriously good looking guitar. I have to say that the quality of the finish of the Standard and the Blak and Blue were also excellent. happy NGD
  10. A little off topic for the thread but that 15% off is now available on the popular arch tops.
  11. I think Epi have had 15% of during June as a Les Paul 100 year celebratation, good timing timing!
  12. I have one in VS, I'm new to guitars but I do love mine, so much I'm considering another one in HCS or midnight sapphire,which is obviously a bit daft but..... Hope you enjoy it.
  13. Epiphone quote all the Les Paul range as having Mahogany bodies?
  14. Great looking guitar Dan, if it plays as nicely as it looks you'll be well pleased. Hmm off to ebay for a look around!
  15. Liking this Hope the link works. If not try Gary Clark jr on Later with Jools Holland
  16. Very comprehensive answer, thank you. I had a good check over both guitars, and the finish was very good, definitely more care applied than the Casino, and 339 I tried. The technicalities are a bit beyond my knowledge at the moment, but hopefully that will improve. They also had a matte black premium ES175 but the finish is not for me, I'm sure they sound great, but it seems I'm quite shallow! I'd have a Broadway tomorrow but my playing does't justify 2 guitars, or possibly even one guitar! I've only been at it a few months, and not exactly at the peak of learning capability. So the Broadway will remain a reward target, but I can see why some guys have a few or even forty.
  17. Took my Lp tribute plus in for a pro setup today, so did a few tryouts for a semi hollow I hope to purchase before too long, I had thought that a 339 or casino would be my cup of tea but have ended up with a hankering for something much bigger, the Broadway; what a lovely guitar, they also had a very nice emperor swingster. Gold fittings which looked great, but I've read reports of flaking. Any experiences out there?
  18. Nice guitar, how would one of these compare with one of the more traditional semi- hollows for learning and playing around the house, ie that is making a decent noise without an amp.
  19. Love mine, but I don't know any other, it's my first guitar. I wouldn't mind another in HCB, mine's in VS.
  20. Thanks guys, When I find out how I'll add my location to the signature as I'm located in the UK, so a lot of the resources mentioned aren't available. I do envy the American prices though :) As usual it seems knowledge is power, so I better get some research done. It does seem to me that the law of diminishing returns doesn't affect Epi's in the same way as many things as the more expensive guitars seem to be good value e.g Lee Malia, Slash signatures, and the tribute plus models. Thanks, Natty
  21. Thanks for the info, seems like the overall message is try before you buy, which isn't good for ebay bargains. I don't see many Sheratons on local ebay dots and 335s are much more common. I'd like a heritage cherry burst but they aren't common either.
  22. Hello Newbie here both to guitars, and the forum. I bought my first guitar a couple of months ago ( epi LP 1960s tribute plus) and I'm busy trying to get some decent noise out of it, my issue not the guitar's! Anyway I'm enjoying it, and have decided to purchase something else as a reward when I think I can play a decent tune. I think I'd like something like a Dot or 335 and see a few on ebay but I'm just wondering what the guitars are like over the years. EBay has them from the 80's up till recent guitar, and all sorts of countries being involved. I understand Japanese elitist are highly regarded but command higher prices. Is there some sort of General ranking of years and/or factory's? Thanks
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