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  1. Thanks for the responses. Could do without the .50 cent snark. If the owner is a collector, it might be beneficial to have the original box. Later.
  2. Here's a question that I'm not sure how to resolve. Many, many years ago, I owned a couple of the 1980's release Modernes. Beautiful guitars, but I had to part ways with them back in the late 90's. On a recent storage room cleanup, I found one of the original Gibson shipping boxes. Before I just put it up for sale somewhere, I'd like to see if the current owner would be interested in purchasing it. Without all of the number, it's for serial # A09x. Anyone know how to resolve this, or if they can prove to be the current owner? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi all, Thanks Searcy for the offer, and thanks to Rabs for the confirm. I might be down in Nashville for some work later in May. If it works out (and I don’t have this fixed by then) I may look you up. After some electronics research, I have most of it working. There is just one setting - Pos #4, second coil of the neck pickup - that I can’t get going. I’m working on a new updated schematic/drawing that has the whole wiring setup and more info on the switch. Once it’s done, I’ll make sure you get a copy By far the most disappointiment is the lack of any help whatsoever from Gibson. Not so much as a simple acknowledgment of my original requests. Very poor customer service. I sent off a fine letter to Mr J. and two others at the Gibson Brands HQ. We’ll have to see is there’s any response from management. Thanks again for the input.
  4. Hello again. Here's a quick update. So I left 2 messages to Gibson Customer Support through their Support form on the Gibson website. It's been 2 weeks and have yet to get any direct response. I did call Gibson support and talked to someone (name withheld) who said he was not the one who received the support form request, but did offer some info. It looked to him like there was no schematic on record there, and whoever was handling my request would have to contact some other place to see if they had any schematic info. That left me a little confused - like some other place was doing the electronics for them? He couldn't offer any other info and did not give me any indication of if/when I could receive a response. On a whim, I contacted Seymour Duncan Custom Shop since they were the ones that made the pickups. Within a few hours (excellent customer support) I received a response that they only wound the pickups and they did not have schematics for the electronics for the 2009 limited run Ripper II. They were also helpful by recommending I contact Searcy (see, you are famous!) and I explained the previous contact with him on this forum. Kind of let down by Gibson's support. Even with the info/pic posted I thought they would be able to provide an answer. I guess it's time to bump this up at Gibson. Again, thanks to all who have tried to help out. Who knew one wire would be so difficult.
  5. Hi all, Thanks for the help. I thought of looking for where it might have broken off too, but I could not see any point where it might have originally been soldered. Still no response from Gibson Customer Service either with a schematic. I only filled out their form Wed or Thur of this past week so maybe they're still looking for the schematics. Do you know if they look through these forums and might respond here? I might try the "is it this one" approach with a multimeter, but I don't want to mess up any of the caps or whatever is inside that silver box. (again, I am in now way electronically minded) I'll keep checking this thread and if I hear anything from Gibson, I'll let you know. Thanks again.
  6. Hi Rabs, Thanks again for the info. Those were the images I was talking about earlier that are either for the 4 position switch, or the mod from the guitar. Not being the great electronic mind, I can't figure out how to adapt the info in those. I did finally break down for the photos so here's mine for the issue. Thanks again. (hope this works)
  7. Thanks for the info. I sent a request to Gibson Customer Service for the schematic for it, but no response yet. Still trying to find a way to post a pic without photo bucket (no way to just embed like email?). I wont bother Searcy until later. Thanks again.
  8. HI all. Not sure how, but my bridge pickup stopped working. Taking the pick guard off, I can see the red wire from the pickup has broken off from the 6 position switch. I've looked in the Schematics section of Gibson Support, and searched the web but all I can find are the diagrams for the 4 position switch. Any ideas what pin this should be re-connected to? Soon as I can figure out how to safely link a pic, I'll add it in a followup post. Thanks in advance.
  9. "...but at least Tronical is still supporting. " Turns out, not so much for getting any support from Tronical. I filled out their online form for support with a few questions and not a single response in almost 2 weeks. They were very prompt in taking my $, but then dropped the ball. Luckily I found some local electronic support. I must now advise that you take this into consideration if you are looking to upgrade with the Tronical product. Sad.
  10. Just a quick update. Dug out my Dark Fire out after over a year and the battery was completely dead. Oh no! After looking around the web and following the link in post #2 here, I purchased the Workaround Kit to Dusk Tiger Battery Compartment from Tronical.. It comes with the cover that has the battery compartment door, a new battery and a new batter charger. Best of all, the battery is an easily replaceable IA-BP80W type so no more "discontinued" product (for now at least). A couple of caveats on the install: 1) They supply instructions that required some modifications to their backplate. You have to cut off some plastic inside the cover. Not too difficult, but required some effort. 2) Hardest part of the install was moving the CPU to the lower left of the cavity. You have to do that to make room for the recess of the battery compartment on the cover. There was one harness that would not reach so I had to track down some longer wire and rebuild the harness. After a brief charge, the charger light switched from red to green. Moment of truth. I once again have a fully working Dark Fire! All auto tuning works great again. In the end, disappointed that Gibson discontinued support for it, but at least Tronical is still supporting.
  11. Will Gibson please answer if they are going to make good on their marketing promises for a Bluetooth connection and a Hex cable for the Dark Fire? It has been over a year since the debut of the Dark Fire. Also, any word if we will be able to replace the battery? I'm just looking for a straight answer.
  12. If you want to actually play the guitar, buy the Custom. Gibson has had my Dark Fire and RIP for almost 4 months - waiting for parts.
  13. elantric - thanks for the link - i'll try it out later today - i'm sure ill have some more questions, since it seems odd that i can't hear any of the DF with any of the software through the headphone jack on the IMac.
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