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  1. If you decide to sell it PM me and let me make you an offer.
  2. Listening to Rush one cannot help but be impressed with the high degree of musicianship from all three members and should certainly give a lot of props to the high caliber compositional skills of the writers. But then Geddy Lee starts singing and I know how dogs must feel when humans blow into those whistles that make dogs howl in agony.
  3. Collings guitars blow Gibsons away, IMO. If you play one I'll bet you'll agree. They are even more expensive than Gibbys, however. Take a look at the Collings LPs. Wow.
  4. I'm gonna make up my own genre and call it Molten Metal.
  5. Smoked for 20 years. Quit for 10. Started up again, and quit again 2 years ago. damn glad I quit because I feel so much better and with Marlboros over $40 a carton I'm saving $150/mo. (enough to buy a good guitar at the end of the year). At the same time I resent the way society has turned smokers into criminals. Low-life criminals at that. Just because they're an easy target.
  6. If he played all three surely one of them will feel 'better' or 'more comfortable' than the others. The Fender wouldn't have the fat neck that the other two have, for instance. And he'd have to notice the difference between the single coil and humbucker sound. One of them WILL make a better impression than the other two I would think.
  7. First of all, 'made in the USA' is a murky term at best. All of the Toyotas and most of the Nissans, Kias, Hondas, etc., are in fact 'Made in the USA' by American Workers in American factories. The last Chevy I owned was made in Canada with parts mostly made in Mexico. So who wins? If I buy a Toyota I keep American workers at their jobs. If I buy a Chevy I might help out the stockholders at GM but I'm not sure how much help I am to 'The American Worker'. Go figure. All that said, if my 2004 Kia Sorrento ever wears out I hear a new Ford F-150 crew cab calling my name.
  8. I'm sure that the guy who greenlighted the elitists was fired long ago. Gibson will never do that again. As great as the elitists were, they were equally embarrassing for Gibson, who was never able to answer the question "why should I pay $1000 more for the Gibson when by your own admission the elitists are the very same thing"? 'Everything but the name on the headstock'- they used to advertise. And that was pretty much true. Of course once Gibson realized that, they buried the elitists so deep that you had to be a detective to know they even existed and even then it was extremely difficu
  9. The guy was 67 years old and was hoping against hope that he could regain enough of his health to go back out on tour. That should tell you all you need to know about him. Rock on, bro.
  10. Seriously, folks, Stiffhand is absolutely right about the 'stock' trem blocks on both American and MIM Strats. Whether you use the trem or not you're tone depends a lot on that trem block and I'll take a solid steel or brass trem block any day over the pot metal they've got in there now. I just bought a replacement trem unit for my MIM strat from GFS with a solid brass trem block, thicker (than stock) bridge plate and vintage 'rolled steel' saddles for $37 and plan to install it this weekend. It's supposed to be a 'drop-in' for a MIM and he also offers a 'drop-in' for USA-made strats (2-poi
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