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  1. Hello From Niagara Falls, N.Y. USA, I do not know if this is still relevant for you, But , YES you can use this in an apt. setting. You can crank the pre-amp on full, and control the Volume with the Master Volume.OR you can use a attenuater, Using this you can crank both Pre and Master, and control the volume with that.The second option is what I use. ALSO, Copies of the Original Owners Manual are available at Ebay. Peace out! O.T.
  2. I recently bought a 2014 Les Paul Custom Lite, A beautiful guitar, At first play it sounded noisy, and scratchy. I switched out my cord (to amp) Same problem. Thinking a wire in the Cavity may have become disconnected, I pulled the cover and was surprised to see, the Splitter switch was Improperly wired. If the white and green wire are soldered together,(Which is the correct wiring for Standard Humbucking operation) Seperate them.( you cant Split a solid connection) White to the center post and green to the empty post. I'll post a picture soon.
  3. I have an 02, It was a faded brown. 1. Grover Rotomatic tuners, 2. Neck pick-up from a LP STD (12K output) 3.Bridge pick-up Dimarzio Super distort(w/splitter), 4. aftermarket bridge and stopbar. 5. Pick-ups wired to selector switch/then to output jack, using amp for Volume and tone. It is currently for sale.
  4. Have you checked out the Stienberger's?, they are not locking, But they are lightweight and they do stay in tune. I bought a set for my Firebird.
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