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  1. Resolution at last!! The dealership worked with me and Gibson and obtained the correct part. They never denied being the source of the mix up, the ones that may have accidentally swapped it and assured me they would do the right thing without the assistance of Gibson. Kudos to them because the guitar was sold 2 yrs earlier and they could have easily told me tough luck.
  2. It sounds fine and I don't think there's any real difference in the two except for the branding. So here's a pic of the afflicted beast.
  3. I'm done business with the dealer for years and have bought several instruments there. I don't believe they would have done it with deceit. Most likely a mix up.
  4. Imagine my surprise when changing my strings on a Siberian Tiger Custom Shop LP, the Stop Bar Tailpiece was stamped "Epiphone". The guitar was a gift from my wife for the Christmas of 2017. I rarely play it and this was the first time I changed the strings. It came from a reputable dealer and considering it has gold hardware, I think it unlikely that they somehow mixed it up with another guitar while restringing prior to selling. However, I could be wrong. Is there anyone out there that's seen Epi parts on a new Gibson?
  5. Just swapped out my pickups and harness (both pots/caps) in my Sheraton II today. Including the restringing, waxing/polishing it took me around 3 hrs. I'd experience with soldering, but not with anything else other than swapping out a toggle switch. Last year I purchased a Epi ES-175 with similar changes and it inspired this mod. I have no regrets and it sounds so good! Scariest part was drilling/enlarging the holes for the US (standard) hardware. I already own 2 Gibsons and may never buy another based on the success of these. Seriously, I'm looking forward to getting couple of other models and upgrading them too.
  6. Just today I swapped out the pickups and electronics in my Sheraton II and relying purely on my recollection, I can't think of any Gibson 335 I've played that sounded any better! I'd been planning the upgrade for months, even buying the pickups (57/57+) almost 6 months ago and the RS wiring harness last month. The hardest part for me was bringing myself to drill out the holes to accept the US hardware. But she sounds great, wished I had done it months ago. I am the original owner plan to never sell it and I don't think it would have been worth a lot left as stock. BTW, the upgrade was inspired by my purchase of a used Epi ES-175 off of eBay shipped for $500. The previous owner had put in Gibson 57's and CTS pots and it rocks!! For the record, I also own a Martin D-18, Taylor 210, Takamine GD71CE, a couple of Yamaha acoustics, an early 90's Gibson Studio Lightened (490/498) and Gibson Standard Plus (Burstbuckers). Also 2 Fenders, both American made, a Strat and a Tele and a Michael Kelly Valor Limited. All that being said, I will tell you the Martin stands out over any dreadnaught I've ever owned, so for me it isn't just snobbiness, but tone. And the Taylor is sweet too, bought it used to step up from a Jasmine. The Yamahas together are valued less than my Takamine, but either sound better to my ear. And over the years, I've owned a couple of Epi solid body's and can tell you neither came close to the sound of my Standard Plus. So there can be big differences, but probably due to pickups and pots/caps. But as I had started out saying, both of my Epi hollow bodies are as good as any Gibson I've played. And with that, I'm thinking about picking up another used solid body or maybe a SG and do the electronics/pickup swap.
  7. BCPuma

    Help with model

    My wife probably should take my money away from me considering I'm spending it blindly. But I picked it up for $550 (with the assumption it was a real Gibson) and the sound was pretty unique compared to my Standard Plus or either of my Epiphones, one of which has Gibson 57's installed. Regardless, thanks cjsinla, 665 and RCT for enlightening me! Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays
  8. BCPuma

    Help with model

    Thanks RCT. That's what I was thinking when I purchased it. Just seemed like some of the photos from that period show the DC with 4 knobs and not the 2. Made me wonder if I had the year wrong year. Thanks again!
  9. Hoping some of you knowledgeable folks here can help ID this Les Paul. I was told it was 1993 Studio and it sounds like it may be hollow or lightened. If compared to my Standard Plus, it generates significant feedback when placed close to the amp. Serial #93147370 Made in USA stamp below SN. Photos are so so, it's all black and difficult to gt good shots. Thanks in advance!
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