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  1. Thank you for all the responses. I'm almost ashamed to admit the guitar still has its original strings! I never measured the action when it first came. Heck, I just learned how to do that yesterday after searching online for info. I dug up the paperwork I got from Gibson and they recorded the measurements on the 12th fret as "6" on the low, "4" on the high. I am assuming they are talking in 64ths of an inch? Their measurements on the 1st fret were .22 on the low and .11 on the high. Insofar as humidity is concerned, I have always kept a hygrometer with the guitar. It is at 53% as I type.
  2. I don't post here often, mostly read because I don't offer much insight being a self-taught hack who just loves the sound of the guitar, but I did post a thread 3 years ago when I became the proud owner of a brand new Gibson J-45. The problem I am having is that the action is so high it's always been difficult to play. I do not know much about guitars and when I bought it new it was supposed to be set up correctly from the factory. One of the first players who saw and tried it said "wow, this action is pretty high, makes it tough to play." I kind of just thought that's how guitars are bec
  3. I would like to again thank everyone for the kind and thoughtful responses. After sleeping on things, I truly believe a lot of the motivation is the disappointment in my own playing skills, and also the fear of scratching/hurting the guitar. It is an absolutely beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Every time I open the case, just the smell of it overcomes me. I think I'm stuck in a rut in terms of my playing. I need to go a totally different route. I'm bored of the songs, etc. There are some I've been working on, and I seem to make the same mistakes over, and over, and over, and my fingers feel s
  4. I think sometimes, too, I become disappointed in my playing abilities, like I'm not improving. I make a lot of the same mistakes, and I feel like my fingers won't do what my mind and ears want them to. I think that honestly is behind part of this, too. The reason I chose my screen name is because I honestly think my finger dexterity is very poor. I am not naturally gifted in that department.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. No, I didn't buy this thing as a museum piece/collector, I bought it to play, and play it I do. I guess since I haven't yet put that first scratch in it I'm still dreading it. :) I have that weird syndrome where I am super protective over my nice stuff. It takes me a LOOOOOONG time to get used to dings and scratches on a new vehicle. I'm almost better off buying used things that already have dings. It's a hard life for people like me. :) Kind of wish I wasn't so protective and careful over things.
  6. Have a great time. I saw them back in 1989 and worried I was too late, thought they were old. :lol:
  7. Thanks. I don't need the money for this guitar, it's just really nice and I worry even taking the thing out of the case. Seems almost like something for a professional. I don't know. The other day my dog got playful and threw her huge paw up while I was playing and thought she was going to swipe it. I'm really nervous about the guitar, to be honest. Just don't even like having it out of the case for any length of time.
  8. Am I not supposed to post something like this? If so, my bad. I was just wondering everyone's thoughts on this, and perhaps what somebody should even price a gently used Gibson at. It's got no scratches. I see Guitar Center asking $2250 used for an older model than mine.
  9. I've had my Gibson J45 Custom for almost 6 months now, and while I love it I am thinking it is "too good" of a guitar for me. I am just a hack player, not a musician like a lot of people here. It does bring a lot of smiles and happiness, but I am so concerned with it getting a scratch, perfect humidity, etc. that I almost feel more comfortable playing a beater and having less worry. This guitar was more than I initially intended upon spending, but I decided to throw in the extra cash and get something I really loved. My insurance will only cover $1,000 for a guitar theft or loss through f
  10. Stumbled upon this on youtube and thought I'd share. Not many views, but the guy can play:
  11. Sounds nice, but I don't honestly care for the double pick guards or the embellishments on them. Love my J45 Custom!
  12. Is that a newer amp with a retro look?
  13. I may humiliate myself by admitting this amongst the many talented musicians and players here, but I play chords and notes and I don't even know what they are. In fact, to this day, I could sit down and show you the chords I play, and then you could ask me what chord it is and I could not, for the life of me, tell you. I basically copied finger placements from many different sources- other players, books, whatever. I watched people play songs I like, and watched where they were fretting. After learning chords, I started to play be ear, ie. "hey, this Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here chord sounds
  14. You're going to love it. I love mine more and more every day.
  15. My previous guitar before my J45 is a Matao, and it's a true beater. Lots of scratches, etc. The problem now is that after purchasing the Gibson, the Matao sounds so bad it's almost unplayable. And the actions sits so high that after playing the Gibson I wonder how I ever even learned on the Matao. I have no interest in even playing it anymore. I'm now wanting a quality "beater."
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