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  1. Hello! Does Quickgrid works fine with Windows 8? Cheers Tito
  2. I have the same. Do the analysis on Quickgrid and when plugs the USB Drive on the SCS it takes hours to analyze or RE-analyse. It seems that using the Quickgrid before makes no difference. Tito
  3. Hello Guys!! Greetings from Brazil. I'm experiencing the same kind of trouble. Running the USB thumb drive on my PC takes about 20 minutes but once it sticks in the SCS it takes the whole night to read and get ready (waveforms, bpms, etc). Someone mentioned here that some bad files can be causing that or maybe some different characters like ( â or ã). So, my questions are: - how do I identify a "bad file"? can I fix itor just have to remove it? - was this problem with the different characters confirmed? Thanks in advance Cheers! Tito
  4. Hey guys, any updates about other options to tag the files? Flitering all the info on this topic, the optiosn will be: Mp3Tag up to 2.50 version - DO NOT USE newer then 2.50! - link for the old version (2.50) - http://downloads.ddi...8&ssid=0&did=24 Tagscanner ? Does it work? - link for download - http://www.xdlab.ru/en/history.htm Stamp ID3 Tag editor ? Does it work ? - link for download - http://stamp-id3-tag...n.softonic.com Audacity? Does it work ? Greetings from Rio!
  5. I'm just reading about the Tagscanner and apparently it will do the job. - http://www.xdlab.ru/en/history.htm Wich version do you use, DJ Rotem? I mean, which will be "choak-free" guaranteed? Thanks a lot. thgmourao
  6. Hey guys, 2 questions : 1) Does anyone have a link do the MP3Tag 2.50. I can only find the 2.32 or 2.39 on this link http://www.mp3tag.de/en/download.html 2) Have you herad about Stamp ID3 Tag editor - http://stamp-id3-tag-editor.en.softonic.com/ . good, bad , wor/ DOESN'T work with SCS.4DJ. Should I go for any version older then 2.51 of the MP3 TAG (says on this topic it makes the unit to choak) or maybe try another software. Appreciate your help. Greetings from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil!!
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