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  1. yeah bence.. i have lot to learn... to my ears both pickus sounded high outputs and loud... garys guitar sounded amazing... fingers... man, i do love old stuff, but i have to confess that these almost new band sounded good to me.. (couse sounds vintage too). what do u think? cheers
  2. ive never heard about them mate....how loud they are ?
  3. this video here shows , how you guys said, the importance of amp in tone:
  4. i will definitily check it Bence...thanks mate
  5. thanks Ian! i do also like CCR, lynard, social dostortion, led, oasis, litle berrie, etc i do have a ts 808, a brownie, a big muff as distortions pedals... i did buy a marshall combo too im trying to find my sound...my point is: why they descontinue it? a sucessfull companie car would never do it if was dlright or selling well i didnt know that custom wasnt consideted a classic les paul tone... never tried one mate... thanks ote name='IanHenry' timestamp='1453194812' post='1732075'] Denis, I believe the Les Paul Steve Jones used to play was a Les Paul Custom, and if you've ever played one you'd realise the it's a completely different sounding guitar nothing like how most people consider a "classic" Les Paul sound. I also believe that a "Steve Jones sound" would be achievable with almost any electric guitar given plenty of distortion. I think, to say you've been cheated is a little bit strong, you weren't cheated, you bought the wrong guitar for your needs. It's a bit like buying a motor companies sports car then complaining that it doesn't seat 7 people and doesn't do 50 mpg, you weren't cheated, you bought the wrong product. You should never buy a guitar without trying it yourself, I always play several of the same model until I find one that I like because each one is a little different. With regard to buying new pickups, that really is a lottery because you can only listen to them via the internet which is far from accurate and even then they will almost certainly sound different when fitted to your guitar. Also Denis, you haven't mentioned what guitar players you like to sound like with the exception of Steve Jones, you haven't mentioned what amp and pedals your using which is of massive importance to the overall sound (possibly more so than the guitars pickups). No one on here is having a go at you, I think everyone's trying to help you and save you some money, so give everyone the information they need to make a judgment based on what it is your looking for, there are some very experienced people here (far more so than me) who will help you. Ian
  6. My post was just based on my bad experience .. but it was interesting counterpoint .... as the author of another post I had to ask someone to bring me a guitar from us..didnt tested it ... so it was an advice based on empiricism. who cheated me? gibson. I trusted a famous brand around the world. I already had a sg, and it was exactly as I expected. to a les paul, traditional, over 2000 bucks, I expected more. But what is the problem I do not like the guitar? I get the impression that you want to defend the gibson. how do you explain to me the fact that pickups have stopped being manufactured? It was launched with the status of being the top .... and only in 3 years then disappear from the market? even the color blue ocean wasnt kept ... forgive me but the feeling I have is that it is an error recognition ... so the title ever get the feeling you've Been cheated .... thank anyway..i do remember the video Asians playing the guitar ... the other day someone wrote something very right here: you can not rely on tones of videos from the internet .... i am new in the business and have a lot to learn. ..but that any studio sounds better than this traditrash 2014 I can guarantee ... that the value of the output? no one knows ... I just wanted to believe that if I put a super 1974 humbucker guitar that would sound true, a real lespaul, like steve jones used to play ... cheers mate.
  7. anbody already tried it? its high output? any video or something? its possible to buy it as well? cheers
  8. dont get me wrong mate, but to buy a guitar without spend at least 2 hours trying it is the same that get marry with a girl that you never touched....
  9. I do not know if you guys are aware but Gibson stopped making the les paul traditional ocean blue and the pickups 59 tribute . they returned the 57 classic. I was right. we are ****ed!
  10. Bence is a guy who lnows a lot about tones... he gave me nice tips in another forum... why do u thonk they stoped with ocean blue color mate? and the pup too
  11. alright mates. i got a few points here: pickups can be not so important, acusticaly is important, etc but, how you guys explain that guobaon interrupted th, cancell, this pup production? why???? btw, anybody here lnows the output numbers of 59 tribute? id to know to compare, but nobody knows it... cheers
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