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  1. No j-15 owner out there who has the thickness of the neck (wood-wise)? If someone could loosen the srings slightly and measure with a caliper at 1st and ex 7th fret I would be very very grateful
  2. Thanks!! Do you measure from the string to the back of the neck so to speak? That's great info :). That gives me an idea about the thickness. Anyone who can mesure without the strings (just loosen the strings and measure so to speak)? Just the "Wood-part"
  3. Anyone else who has got a J-15 and can measure?
  4. Hi! Thanks for your answer! Yes I think it's a pretty big deal too regarding the neck profile and thickness. Some manufacturers put these data on their website but not many. I got the answer that it has a "standard profile" from Gibson. Of course one should always try the guitar before buying but reading the specs can make you see if the guitar in question can work for you. It seems to be a killer model and in the right pricerange for me. of course I could file down the neck but it feels a bit shaky when it's an expensive nice guitar. Then also filing down the neck can affect the sound.
  5. Hi! I'm very interested in the Gibson J-15. I live a long long way from the nearest shop that carry that model and I would like to know more about the neck. Specs about the nut width and so on is easy to find but not the thickness of the neck (for example at first and 7th fret). Even Gibson couldn't answer that question so I wonder if there's a lucky J-15 owner out there who can measure the tickness. I would be very grateful. I know that they're sandpapered by hand and can vary a bit but anyway. Thanx!
  6. Hi all you lucky J-15 owners! I live a long long way away from the nearest store that carry the J-15. Any owner out there who can tell me the thickness of the neck on the J-15? The only specs I can find is the width and the profile.
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