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  1. Yes, we did measure the distance and moved the bridge height on the 1961 so that it would match the 1959 height. Good question about the guage of the strings. Not sure about that. Felt the same but perhaps it could be string related at least a bit. Yes, to strumming and playing at pretty much the same volume, same guitar chords, same cables, picks, same amp, etc.
  2. Hey, thanks for that explanation. But now I have a follow up question. Both guitars *supposedly* have the same pickup in them (I forgot to mention that important fact in my first post). They are the MHS P90's. So, I was thinking that the pickups *should* be pretty similar sounding. Yet the '59 bridge pickup was much louder and (perhaps simply because of the volume) sounded like it had more character and "balls" (sorry, ladies, it's just figure of speech). So would it make sense that there would be a big volume difference from the *same* pickups made by the same company? Thanks again...
  3. Hey guys, As you can tell from the title of this thread, I don't know tons about guitar electronics. So, I own a Memphis '59 Reissue ES-330. As many of you know, these were released about 4 years ago. A year or two later, Memphis released a '61 Reissue ES-330. My friend owns one of those. So, the other day, we compared the two, and one thing that really stood out was that the bridge pickup on the '59 was way louder than the bridge pickup on the '61. We looked at the distance from the poles of each pickup to the strings above, and they were pretty much the same. So would it be right to assume that it's simply the pickups themselves that account for the volume difference (BTW, same amp, same cable, etc). I mean, what else could it be? And if we believe it's just the pickup itself, what makes one pickup louder than another? Is it the amount of "winds" of wire around the magnet(s) or something? Can anyone explain? Thanks much...
  4. MHS, as you probably know, stands for Memphis Historic Spec. As such, I believe they come humbucker style and they also come P-90 style. The ES-330 uses MHS pickups, and I can tell you that I think these are the coolest sounding P90's I have ever heard. I just love mine. It's the tone of the 60's for sure!
  5. '59 Reissue ES-330, Sunburst with factory installed Bigsby
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