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  1. Yes, we did measure the distance and moved the bridge height on the 1961 so that it would match the 1959 height. Good question about the guage of the strings. Not sure about that. Felt the same but perhaps it could be string related at least a bit. Yes, to strumming and playing at pretty much the same volume, same guitar chords, same cables, picks, same amp, etc.
  2. Hey, thanks for that explanation. But now I have a follow up question. Both guitars *supposedly* have the same pickup in them (I forgot to mention that important fact in my first post). They are the MHS P90's. So, I was thinking that the pickups *should* be pretty similar sounding. Yet the '59 bridge pickup was much louder and (perhaps simply because of the volume) sounded like it had more character and "balls" (sorry, ladies, it's just figure of speech). So would it make sense that there would be a big volume difference from the *same* pickups made by the same company? Thanks
  3. Hey guys, As you can tell from the title of this thread, I don't know tons about guitar electronics. So, I own a Memphis '59 Reissue ES-330. As many of you know, these were released about 4 years ago. A year or two later, Memphis released a '61 Reissue ES-330. My friend owns one of those. So, the other day, we compared the two, and one thing that really stood out was that the bridge pickup on the '59 was way louder than the bridge pickup on the '61. We looked at the distance from the poles of each pickup to the strings above, and they were pretty much the same. So would it
  4. Push and Big, thanks so much for the awesome descriptions. Big, those pics are worth a thousand words, right? Really cool to have that info...thank you both...
  5. Hi all, OK. Slim Taper Neck. We've all heard the term. But what does it actually mean? Is it slimmer in width? Is it slimmer in depth? Is it both? If it is slimmer in width, is it that way up and down the whole neck? If it is slimmer in depth, is it that way up and down the whole neck? Or does it taper at one end of the neck more than the other? Does it taper from a "fatter" profile near the body to a thinner one by the nut? Vice versa? Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks, John
  6. Dave, sorry for the very delayed response to your awesome post! I've been visiting my 90yo+ parents for the last several days and didn't have much free time. And thank you for joining just to inform me of your experience. I really appreciate it! I also hope you enjoy your time here! I really appreciated your perspective on nearly every point you made. One of the things I've been concerned about is whether the guitar would look like some bastardized piece of wood upon completion, so your statement that "the finish is as good as new" is quite reassuring. The person I'm thinking of
  7. V, awesome! What do you feel are the major differences sonically or otherwise between the 225 and the 330? Obviously the single cutaway...but given that they probably share the same awesome underwound P90's, what do you feel are the differences? Thanks, J
  8. Wow, V, That looks like a killer box! Do you own one? Pics? Can you tell me about the neck profile? I'd love to have one of those, and I'd be throwing a Bigsby on that bad boy straight away! Thanks for pointing out what looks to be a great box...
  9. MHS, as you probably know, stands for Memphis Historic Spec. As such, I believe they come humbucker style and they also come P-90 style. The ES-330 uses MHS pickups, and I can tell you that I think these are the coolest sounding P90's I have ever heard. I just love mine. It's the tone of the 60's for sure!
  10. Yeah, you're right! When I first opened the case of the guitar, I gasped from its just jaw-dropping beauty. I mean, simply stunning stunning stunning. But even the first time I picked it up, and before I even got it into playing position, I could tell just holding it that the neck was large...much larger than I've ever played in my life, and I'm afraid that my hand is simply not big enough to handle it. The guy who I'm considering is named Bill Asher (asherguitars.com). He builds for David Lindley, Lindsay Buckingham, Ben Harper, Jackson Browne and bunch of west coast cats. Whe
  11. Thanks, J, Yes, some great points there. I didn't buy it for any sort of "collection". I bought it simply to relive my Beatle days with it (I know, they were really using Casino's, but I read such great things about the Memphis VOS 330 reissues that I just had to try it...and yes, it's amazing and still VERY Beatles!). I agree about it not holding its value like "the real thing", but again, I just want to enjoy the guitar and will probably never sell it while I'm alive. I'm going to try the neck push/pull idea...great thought there. And yes, I'll see if the luthier in question, Bi
  12. Thanks, guys. Bobouz, yes I recall your having a choice of three necks...it's amazing to think of finding three of these all in one place! As I think I have written before, mine is a rare bird...a sunburst model with factory installed Bigsby (which is only "supposed" to be on the cherry model). Apparently they made a small run of Sunburst Bigsby units. Stein, very interesting about sonic perspectives. I'm going to talk to the luthier about that, because one of the things I like most about the guitar is its tone. Hmmmm. As far as neck profiles, yes, the luthier suggested I bring a gui
  13. Hey all, I bought a super sweet Gibson ES-330 VOS 1959 reissue off of eBay a year ago. I just fricking LOVE the guitar. Just the most awesome thing ever! BUT, there is one problem. The neck is simply too large for my hands. I ran into a luthier here in Southern California. A very highly respected guy here in town, and I talked with him about it. The first thing he asked was how old the guitar was. He said that he would never recommend such a procedure for a vintage guitar. When I told him it was a 2005 reissue model, he asked whether I had bought it as an investment or
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