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  1. The black/white Les Paul looks classy. I'd rock it.
  2. Good for you, Dave. I don't get why people hang onto guitars they don't use. What about the double neck? I'm also trying to sell off several but for different reasons. Buying a bike. I do use them, will probably miss them, but whatever.
  3. Looks expensive. Gibson should just stick with their classic designs and forget about innovative ideas the majority of their customers don't want and invest their money in music programs to attract kids from a young age rather that the stupidity we've seen from this company in recent years.
  4. That thing looks like it fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.
  5. Maybe state what your neck preference is and a more accurate budget. You're not going to buy a R8 if you're not willing to spend thousands. Maybe get a Studio if you don't care for binding, around $800 used, and throw in a good set of aftermarket pickups. Personally, I would go for one made before 2006. They have 9 weight relief holes and are generally in the 9-11 lb range. Sept/Oct onwards have chambered bodies, more hollow, and don't sound the same. Not saying they sound bad, they're just different. I think you are a little optimistic. More like $1,400 - $1,700 for a Standard if you actually want to sell it.
  6. What kind of a '50s spec Custom is that? Modern vs. '50s wiring really only affects your sound if you use the pots. No difference if you keep everything on 10 all the time.
  7. You have too much gear.
  8. Nobody really knows for sure right now. If anything, it's the True Historic and Collector's Choice models that are done. Gibson is rumoured to have 500+ 2017 historics just sitting in the factorl. Several are also for sale in Japan.
  9. You are assuming that guitars will still be desirable in future. Fewer and fewer kids are getting into guitar and rock has been dead for a while now. Unless a new guitar god the likes of Randy Rhoads or Slash comes along boasting Hamer sunburst and spawns a new generation of guitar players, be happy to get your money back when you do sell it. You're right that guitars are investments, just not financial investments.
  10. What Pub posted is correct (for the most part). Gibson is the one who called them Traditional Standards for about a year or so but I think it was around 2010 or 2012, several years after the Traditional was released. I've been 'saying' this for years. Whoever at Gibson names these models is a complete moron. Same with the reissue line with Standard / True Historic. Just stupid.
  11. If you go to Gibson's website you'll see the 2017 USAs don't come with poker chips.
  12. I'll through this one i the ugly category because I don't like the in-house aging. Really good, guitar, though.
  13. I watched all of the original Prison Break and hated every last minute because of how they built up every single detail and made it so dramatic. I'll probably watch the new series, too. LOL
  14. I'd buy a burst if I won a huge lottery but would never spend money I earned on something so frivolous. Not the one in the OP, though, it's kind of ugly. I have thought about buying a 50s P-90 Custom but even those are in the $50,000 range and I'd have reservations playing it out. Im OK paying four digits for a guitar but not five. And what I don't understand is why people don't understand 50s burst prices. They have an important spot in rock & roll's history, that's what you're paying for. Do you do the same with old cars or artwork? I never look at a 427 Shelby Cobra and question why someone would pay $300,000+ for a car that handles worst than my Accord, and I also don't wonder why people pay stupid money for something like a Van Gogh when I can get something similar from Bath & Beyond for $40.
  15. Why does no case seem dodgy to you? I once bought a Lifton case because the guy needed the money but didn't want to sell the R9. People are sometimes short just a few hundred and will sell what they have to, to get by.
  16. ABR with bushings? It's the right bridge. 16s and 17s have it.
  17. It's mostly because of the 59 association. 59 & 60 bursts are worth the most, so reissues follow suit. Gibson also used flame tops to justify the higher price tag, keeping R8s as plain tops, but they've consistently been making (very nice) flame top R8s since 2010. There were also flame top R8s in the early 2000s but 2003 (I think) to 2009 R8s were nearly all plain.
  18. Cheers. Dave, favorite and best aren't always the same thing but my favorite is a 2008 R8. Steve, what else, a Les Paul. Probably another faux '59. Big K,it's Pelham. One of about 90 blue Elliot Easton signatures.
  19. Tim Plains


    Cool Izzy. Have fun with it.
  20. Male gigolo, actually. Dennis, no offense taken but what does it matter? I wanted this many Les Pauls (and more), so why not? Why do you have a Dot and Sheridan? Those two are similar enough to me and to most people. Why do you have both? Why on earth to you need 20 guitars? Who cares if they're all different, they basically all do the same thing. Do you have to justify or explain why? No, you just have 20 because you either wanted or felt like you needed that many. It's no different. Bill, I'll just let you have that one. pup, that is Pearly but I never owned a Haynes model. Dub, Metropoulos 10,000 head with a matching True Era 4x12 straight cab, 1974x clone, Tungsten Crema Wheat, Victoria 518, a Red Iron Lil' Mo (that I run through the 4x12, it's quiet and awesome), and a Yamaha THR-10C. I don't have a pic of the others but here you go. Not a collection, though, and neither are the guitars. We can argue (OK, discuss) this all day until we're both blue in the face but I don't collect music gear. To me, collections are things you accumulate in order to complete an entire set, you try and keep them pristine, you don't use them, and partially for monetary reasons. I'm not trying to have one of each, I actually like playing all these and sell what doesn't get used. I also don't try and keep them mint, don't care if I wear them out, don't care if they go up in value, and often take a loss when I sell any because they're not good investments. They're instruments, I use them for fun, that's all there is to it. Feel free to call it a harem but please do not say nice collection. Izzy, come over any time. saturn, I had my fun with them but sold every other I had. Probably around 10 all-in-all. I like this one a lot (McCarty) but don't think I'd ever buy another PRS.
  21. ^ it's a 2007 VOS I bought two years ago. I put in OX4s and an aftermarket harness. I enjoy playing them all, and I can afford it, so why not? That's all there is to it and I still want to get at least one more Les Paul...and SG. Other models, I just need one of each and I don't like acoustics.
  22. I always change them to nylon. Both myself and the luthier noticed a change in sound on the open strings.
  23. Have you tried lubing or filing/cutting the nut properly? They generally stay in tune well afterward. If it's not the nut, try smoothing out the saddle slot. Having the pickups raised too high can also cause them to go out of tune.
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