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  1. One of the pickups is wired out of phase. Check the wiring. When they are close to equal in volume, they are canceling each other.
  2. Since I sold my Gibson and Guild jazz boxes, I've been wanting another, but the prices are astronomical for a nice one. Just browsing, I walked into my local GC and hanging on the wall was this beautiful sunburst Epiphone with a blowout tag on it. After playing it for about 25 minutes, I dropped the $599 (!) and bought the guitar. The build quality, the materials, the playability, and tone are equal to the $2200 Guild X-500 I sold. Other than the poly finish, I think it's the equal to the Gibson ES-175's I've played. Epiphone has totally upped their game with these Pro models. The pickups
  3. Here's mine, a great guitar. I've modded it so I get all the pickup combinations.
  4. Happy ending- I bought a '14 custom quilt on Ebay and it intonates just fine. I'm rewiring it to get all pickup combinations now.
  5. There is a difference between a guitar needing some attention like fret leveling, truss rod adjustment and setup, and a guitar that is not able to play in tune. I have bought many guitars that needed some work; this is the first that had a manufacturing flaw this serious. BTW, thanks for the replies. The 2nd Nighthawk was returned, GC was very good about it. I bought a Danelectro 12-string with the money. It's a great guitar, forget about the price. I've had Rickenbacker 12-strings that didn't play as well. Also, it plays in tune!
  6. I just finished a saga, and because of the outcome I want to alert possible buyers. Guitarcenter.com has a deal for $329, so I pulled the trigger. I had a Gibson Nighthawk, sold it, but missed it. I had it shipped to my local GC store, it came in with a broken head stock. So I did the return and waited for the 2nd one. The second one arrived and looked in perfect shape. Here's where the problem arrived: I took the guitar home, changed the strings and checked intonation. It was off by a mile! Every string was almost a 1/4 tone sharp at the 12th fret. Adjusting the bridge saddles, a had
  7. I picked up mine used, so it just needed the usual truss rod, bridge and pickup height adjustments. I did have a high fret, but I sanded it down a bit and now it's just fine. What do you mean "have the neck set"? Are you talking about the truss rod adjustment, or removing the neck? If it's the latter, I wouldn't spend that much on these guitars, they're not worth it.
  8. If you have a hankerin' for a 335, I highly recommend the 335 Pro. It sounds as good or better than my Gibson Dot RI, and plays almost as well(I like the Gibson slim taper slightly better but it's not a big deal). If you can get over the fact that it has a poly finish instead of the luxurious Gibson nitro, there is no reason to pay all that $$$ for a Gibson.
  9. Yeah, the "Custom Shop" designation is pretty silly. I'm sure it's just another guitar on the assembly line. But other than the poly finish, the guitar is as well built as some of my high dollar Gibsons. The poly finish looks good, but not as rich looking(or smelling) as a lacquer one. I'm selling a Gibson 335 because the Epi will be just fine as a substitute.
  10. I saw a listing on CL, so I picked up this mint shape ES-335 Pro for a great deal-$320 with a gig bag. It plays great, sounds great and I'm impressed with workmanship. I have a G-400 Pro and love it also, so I knew what I was getting with the Pro series. It says Custom Shop on the back of the headstock, but it's just a production Epi, isn't it?
  11. I recently got a G-400 Pro that had s bridge pickup that was microphonic. I too, thought it was because of inadequate potting, so I repotted it myself. No difference. I realized it was the pickup cover vibrating, not the windings of the pickup, so I put a strip of the poster putty underneath the cover between the pole pieces. Much reduced feedback- you might try it. Also because your guitar is semi-hollow, and a split pickup outputs more treble, that could be making the feedback worse.
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