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  1. Yeah it happened again thankfully it was just a trade! I traded a case I had for my strat for a form fitted abs case. All I went in to do is just pick up my Les Paul, and bam the owner who's a good friend said he had a deal for me.
  2. My wife said tonight she'll be glad when I find the "tone" I'm looking for so she can get her hair and nails done again! Lol
  3. Well they'll be done tomorrow! I'm glad because every time I go in there I end up spending money. I went in there today and left with a '93 Fender Blues Deluxe.
  4. @charliebrown Thanks that was my goal was to cover the whole blues tone range with my guitars. I had only bought the Rg for the sake of the other members wanting to play metal. Myself I love the blues!
  5. Well last week I had bought an Ibanez Rg series, and had intended to use if for playing metal in our band. Well yesterday the band decided to go in a more rock/blues direction. So I loaded up the Rg and headed to the music store. I traded the Rg for this Squire 50's reissue! Here is what we are now referring to as my blues trio! Let me know whatcha think!
  6. I'm pretty excited to get a new nut and a pro set up on my Les Paul. I cant wait to feel the difference. Then I'm also pretty excited about the pickguard being put on my semihollow it will finally look right to me.
  7. In my opinion. Go to a music store and play both. Ignore the name on the headstock and just play. Then look at playability, and feel. Then you'll know in your gut witch one you want.
  8. I do actually have an Rg series Ibanez I take to work with me to practice on. I work as an in home support staff for the mentally handicapped and most of my day is spent doing nothing so I try to do something productive!
  9. Well called my guitar shop today and got a quote to get a bone nut put on my plustop pro and get a pro setup done while she's in there. And while I'm at it I'm gonna have him put a pickguard on my Ibanez as73 semihollow. All in all it won't be too much so I made an appointment to take them in Monday morning.
  10. Well I missed out on the deal! Went in there 2 days later and she was gone!
  11. Well I missed out on the deal! Went in there 2 days later and she was gone!
  12. So I was meandering at the local music store looking at possible birthday present ideas to tell my wife for my birthday the 25th. And I came across an epiphone les Paul used. It is the heritage cherry sunburst and it has the Gibson truss rod cover. They only want $199 for it. So my question is that is this a good deal, and when did they stop putting Gibson on the truss rod cover??
  13. @flyer those are the amber tophats in the pics. It came with the black rubber knobs and they just didn't have that classic look I like!
  14. Thanks guys! She's pretty awesome! @cougar it's an as73! I changed out the knobs for some amber tophat knobs I had and put Schaller strap locks on her. I'm also gonna be getting a pickguard to put on her.
  15. @crust I got the amp at the suggestion of a guitar playing friend of mine. It's not let diwn it's a pretty awesome modeling amp.
  16. Here she is! Just picked her up this afternoon!
  17. I got a set of gold speed knobs today for my Les Paul plustop pro. I couldn't hardly do the coil tapping/splitting with the bell shaped knobs. I love these things now! I was just curious as to what everyone else thinks of them?
  18. Lol thanks everyone! I'll pass the compliments along to the Mrs! As far as the playing meh I was just doing scales nothing spectacular here!
  19. [/url I was practicing some scales and etc... And my wife had a silly grin on her face and this was the result.
  20. The one and only thing I don't like is it doesn't have a pickguard and Ibanez doesn't make them but some say a slight modification to a 335 pickguard works well!
  21. Well I may get hung for saying and doing this but I went to pick out a hollowbody today with my heart set on an epiphone dot, es339 or etc.... Well I found an Ibanez as73 that was used. And by used I mean "put in a case and forgotten for a year" for the meager price of $250. I put $20 down on it and am waiting for a setup and clean up to be done on it!
  22. Thank you all for all the great advice and opinions! @Crust I don't have much need for tremelo so it's looking like the es-339 pro is gonna be my next buy!
  23. Well I'm looking into buying a semi hollowbody. I've been eyeing the es-339. Mainly because I'm a smaller framed guy. Thoughts and opinions on playability and tone from some other models would truly be appreciated.
  24. I'm in love with mine! I've named her Lucy. And no I'm not ashamed of that at all.
  25. Wow now that I look at the pic it looks a heck of a lot different than it does in real life.
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