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  1. If you've been through two (several?) SJ-200s, and not been pleased, do you think this one will meet your criteria?
  2. I got a reply notification yesterday for this thread, but I haven't for any others. Maybe I've been gone so long due to lack of reply notifications that no other threads I'm following have gotten any replies!
  3. Hey, I know that Prof.! I feel partly rather justified in my large guitar hoard. I don't have any Brazilian rosewood, but I fear for the future of what I do have. Then again, there will always be SOME type of tonewood... It's not like we're going to be in a world without trees. I know it looks that way, but hopefully it won't be the case, and if it is the case, we'll all be dead anyway without trees--oxygen, nevermind guitars.
  4. I had wanted one about since I started playing in 1999 (although it went back and forth--wanted a Guild jumbo for ages, but the SJ-200 was where the heart was) and finally got one back in May to celebrate a year at my first master's degree job (which pays like I don't even have a bachelor's degree, but oh well). Nevermind the "one year" date is actually now, not May. Anyway, I love it like crazy. I go back and forth over which guitar is my favorite, but I think this might be the one. Photobucket is not my favorite though. When did that site get so ad-laden and bogged down? I
  5. I wonder why the heck they put them on the Vintage models? It's in very '50s font as well (not that there were Hummingbirds in the '50s...)
  6. I don't know either. But I agree it was probably not Norlin-era, though I think more stuff got engraved covers in that era... I liked the engraved Hummingbird truss rod cover so much, I bought engraved truss covers for my J-15 and J-200 as well, and even my Guild D-20 (which turned out really cool). My WM-00 is stuck with my SJ-200's old cover, though.
  7. I'm surprised you liked the SJ. Should be pretty much the same as a J-45, just different decoration, right? If you hadn't owned a J-45 and found it dull and lifeless, I would blame the strings. But you tried to even that out as well. J-45s are quite thumpy. J-15s are, too, but the walnut gives it a little more spank, or something. Or you could try to find a J-45 with maple back and sides, or try one with rosewood... Or maybe look into different short-scales, like a Nick Lucas (!) in maple, or a J-185 (now we're talking). Or... you could look at other brands... meh.
  8. It is really hard... I have gotten pretty good at talking myself down, but I just bought one in August! Oh well. One day at a time. I think I have just told myself I can get an electric instead since they don't count... I don't think I can part with any of mine, so hopefully that is enough to keep me from buying anything else. I am probably going to move on to a six-string banjo, an oude (can't even spell it), a Gibson electric... oh man...... help me. All very true! And even John eventually began guitar surfing a bit. While he spent a lot of time with the J-160E and Epiphone Cas
  9. I have a really hard time keeping up and telling what I've read and haven't read without e-mail notifications. I recall this happening one other time, and then all of a sudden it came back.
  10. At the moment on Reverb, this is a new old stock 2015 Gibson Midtown Standard for $1000 with lifetime warranty... ...and a used, mint condition of the same for $750 (no warranty on that one obviously)... Both are in black, which is kind of cool (though I'd originally intended sunburst).
  11. Love this song, love Loudon, and love this cover. Bet he would love it too.
  12. First, I giggled. Then I was offended. Then I cried. That was all before I read the comment though (I had a pizza binge earlier). Too true. I didn't even get it until I read this! I thought, jeez, that mod must have been a big tonerite advocate to overreact that much... Not that it wasn't still an overreaction. At least he got the joke, unlike me! Maybe I'll put it on the Christmas list. And hell, if she doesn't like it, I can put it on my guitars.
  13. Nah, they're made in Germany, and I've put them on a few of my Gibson acoustics myself because I like them so much! They're not for everyone, but they're great for lazy people like me. I gave up on non-standard tuning years ago, and now I'm all over the place. As for what's made in China, that's pretty much every other tuner that Gibson uses. Grovers are made in China, even the fancy ones. No local Gibson dealer anymore, I'm afraid. The 2015 model year scared them off, and they became Martin dealers instead. I am really looking into the Gibson Midtown models, though I'm still re
  14. I was wondering why it was so dang quiet around here! Then I log in and I've missed everything.
  15. Eh, it'll be all right! You probably have too many J-45s anyway! :)
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